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The Exiled Tribune – How Will the Atlas of Worlds Work?

William Murphy Posted:
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This week in the Exiled Tribune, we’re covering all of the week’s Path of Exile news with aplomb and grit of a true ARPG hero. That is to say, we’re smashing everything, looting anything blue or above, and wandering around killing all the monsters. What does this have to do with the week’s news? Well, nothing really except that we learned a great deal about the how the Maps in the Atlas of Worlds will work and what it means for new and returning players for Path of Exile. And as per usual, ZiggyD has some truly great videos showing off the new expansion’s content.  Here comes the week that was in Path of Exile news!

Path of Exile’s regular YouTuber extraordinaire (ZiggyD) lays out the details about how actually use the Atlas in the video below, and the fine folks at Grinding Gear this week also revealed a whole sort of manifesto about how the Atlas itself works. From the manifesto:

"The ability for players to choose what maps they play is an important (and positive!) aspect of the Atlas system. Everyone has their own preferences for maps, and we want there to be some choices about whether to unlock everything or leave a few maps disabled in order to maximize your own goals.

We believe that the correct and dominant strategy will be for players to unlock all maps, but since players are afraid that they'll damage their account permanently if they unlock the wrong maps, we have decided to add a way to respec map completions on the Atlas. Three currency items (one for each color of maps) will be available from vendor recipes for this purpose. They'll likely be measured in Cartographer's Sextants of the appropriate colors and won't be trivially cheap."

ZiggyD’s deep look at navigating the Atlas.

But if you really want to get to the bottom of how the Atlas itself works, there’s no better place to read up than this post over at the official Path of Exile site. It covers everything from the Cartographer’s Sextants, to the Mapp Corruption, how Legacy maps from pre-Atlas will fit in, and even how trading maps will work between players. Plus, perhaps most importantly for the min-maxers out there: it goes into detail on how the cumulative map quantity bonus works. Loot, loot, and more loot, people.

And speaking of the old maps: you might remember that some of the bosses coming in the new Atlas of Worlds are being revamped and improved for the expansion. ZiggyD also got a chance to highlight five of the old foes like the Drought-Maddened Rhoa, the Precint Exiles, and more.

The Guardians of the Void, the sort of “pre-bosses” to the Shaper of Worlds, reside in the center of the Atlas. Each one will have their own set of unique items that can only be obtained by defeating the Guardians. This week, GGG showed off some of the items that can be found by downing the Phoenix Guardian. The Brain Rattler mace may be my favorite…

That’ll do it for this week’s Exiled Tribune. We hope we’ve brought you some great info from the Path of Exile community.  Just five days left until Atlas of Worlds, so be sure to head out and wrap up your Prophecy Challenges before the leagues end on 8/30. And don’t forget to spend any ol’ coins you might have to get a free Darkness Mystery Box too. That includes any coins you spend on a support pack for Atlas of Worlds. Cheers!


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