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The Exiled Tribune - GGG Halloween Staff Meeting Unmasked

Suzie Ford Posted:
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The truth is out! In this week's Path of Exile: The Exiled Tribune, players and fans will learn what -really- goes on in the Grinding Gear Games offices. In addition, the Build of the Week is out and the Scorching Ray Skill Gem Mechanics are revealed. Not only that, get a load of Essence Statistics and a look at the daily deal watch list. It's was a great week for POE!

Halloween Unmasked

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words, none more than this accidental pic that Bex snapped after walking in on the Founders of Path of Exile having a meeting on Halloween. The question is...is this a picture of the Founders having a great masked Halloween or is it *cues "Psycho" music* the Founders unmasked? Only you can decide.

The Ranged Attack Totem Tactical Nuke BotW

Nothing says HELLO to a monster like a big, loud, awesome BOOM! In this week's Build of the Week, PoE player russellhentz presents a "Ranged Attck Totem Tactical Nuke" to do just that. The build is centered around a Chieftain from the Hardcore Essence League that drops totem after totem to keep up a barrage of explosive doom for those caught in the maelstrom.

This build uses the Eye of Innocence amulet coupled with the Chieftain "Tukohama, War's Herald" passive that makes totems immune to fire damage and reflect 8% of their max life when they're hit. The eye of innocence makes it so the totems proc reflect every time they ignite an enemy.

For the more textual version of the BotW, you can check out russellhetz's guide complete with gear, passives and much more.

Essence League Stats - Now's the Time

If you've ever thought about joining up with the Essence League Challenge, this may be the right time with the number of players both participating and staying engaged is the best ever, even in the Essence Challenge's NINTH week! There are so many cool stats to be found too, so be sure to swing by and check them out before giving it a whirl for yourself!

Never Miss the Best Sales Again

In case you weren't aware, the Path of Exile team has made it possible for players to create a Watchlist function for the Microtransaction Store. By doing so, players are automatically informed when a watched item hits the Daily Deal so that it can be purchased at the optimum price. The list is customizable and can have items added or deleted at will and also gives the GGG team a way to track what things most players are interested in as well.

The site has been updated with a few interesting lists including the Top 15 Most Watched Microtransactions and the Top by Microtransaction Type and more.

Head here to check it out before building YOUR wishlist!


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