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The Exiled Tribune – Essence League and Atlas of Worlds Launch

William Murphy Posted:
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Last week was a doozy for Path of Exile fans as the Atlas of Worlds expansion launched and the Essence Challenge League began.  It’s never a dull moment in Wraeclast, and there’s a lot of stuff to recap for this week. Read on, for your weekly dose of the Exiled Tribune.

Firstly, as is probably obvious to most PoE fans already, the Atlas of Worlds expansion launched on Friday. There was much rejoicing, and the patch notes can be read here.  In the same vein, we also finally got the sweet, sweet Microtransaction Rewards for the new Essence Challenge Leagues. With these footprints on offer, I’m pretty sure even a casual player like me will be striving to finish at least 12 of the challenges.  Something tells me I’m far away from either the below two challenges though…

Two challenges for the new Essence League in Atlas of Worlds.

With the new expansion comes new Mystery Boxes, and the Carnage set is bound to entire people who like lots of blood and metal armor.  Speaking of items, some have had their names changed in this expansion and GGG put together a handy Item Filter list to come to grips with all of the new stuff.

There are some new minor changes you may have missed from the patch notes too. Handy quality of life stuff like being able to tell when people were last online. GGG also revealed one of the new maps via Twitter  - The Putrid Cloister.

The Putrid Cloister Map from Atlas of Worlds.

We also saw four new divination cards revealed last week: Mawr Blaidd, The Oath, The Scavenger, and The Void. And speaking of reveals, the new Lioneye’s Watch podcast revealed two new unique items that landed with the Atlas of Worlds. You can watch the full podcast below:

Lioneye’s Watch Podcast #03

That pretty much does it for this week’s Tribune, and I’m sure most of you are making use of your time by actually playing Atlas of Worlds. But for those who want some tips before joining the new Essence League, ZiggyD’s got a nice new video out sharing some of his own. Have fun, and happy hunting, all. Until next week.


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