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The Exiled Tribune - 2.6.0 Launch Success

Suzie Ford Posted:
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This week in Path of Exile, a huge milestone was reached with a 40% increase in concurrent online players, developers are asking for your questions, a compilation of funny videos has been collected and much more. See what's new, Exile!

2.6.0 Has Been a Resounding Success

Grinding Gear busted out the champagne this week with the amazing news that the launch of 2.6.0 saw a 40% increase in concurrent online players on launch day. In case you've been in a vacuum, the update brought in a bunch of amazing new features including the Legacy Challenge League. Over 112,000 players took part in it on the opening weekend that also saw some of PoE's biggest Steam numbers ever.

Path of Exile should see another huge boost when The Fall of Oriath is released that will add six new acts and comes alongside the XBox One launch.

Over three years after its initial release, Path of Exile continues to see an increase in players and popularity, with consistent three-month update releases attracting more and more followers to the franchise. The September 2016 Atlas of Worlds launch garnered a 19-percent peak-user increase over the June 2016 Prophecy launch, while December's Breach launch was up 34-percent over September. Last week's Legacy launch was a 40-percent increase over the December launch numbers. Overall, Path of Exile has more than doubled its player base in the last nine months.

It really is a great time to be an Exile!

Crawling Under the Development Hood

GG is asking for your questions this week with regard to how game mechanics work in the game. You can submit a question, hopefully something new and different from things asked in the past, by visiting this forum thread. The team is also willing to take on questions about life at the office, games everyone is playing and more.

We have run several Developer Q&A posts in the past and they have been very successful. We've decided to hold another! We'll answer your questions about Path of Exile, game development and life at the GGG office. Please post questions in this forum thread. We'll post the answers in the news next week! 

Act 5 Concept Art Offers an Enticing Look Ahead

The art team has been busy creating the concept art for Act 5 and some of it is shown off today. In the latest series of images, monsters that you'll face off against are show in all their ... um ... yeah ... glory. This particular group hails from the Ossuary and Reliquary locations in Oriath.

And In Other News...

A trio of interesting tidbits emerged on the official site that are worth mentioning:


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