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The Dry Spell before SOE Live

Victor Barreiro Jr. Posted:
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Welcome back to another installment of the Landmark column. I was unable to write something up two weeks ago due to a storm where I live that knocked the power out, but thankfully, things have normalized.

We’re in for an information dry spell in the next few weeks, seeing as SOE Live is coming in mid-August. July 30’s Landmark Live show would be the last show till new things are revealed in SOE Live.

That said, the most recent update to Landmark – along with the August 6 update – should provide aspiring builders with some good feels to tide them over from not having Landmark Live for a few weeks.

The July 30 Update

The most recent Landmark Live show revealed that the museum island would become active in the game once the update came around.

The museum island is the location where all the winning entries of Landmark’s workshop competitions will have their work showcased. If you’ve ever designed an awe-inspiring monolith that got the attention of SOE, this is where a copy of it would go for posterity’s sake.

Not only does the museum island – technically islands, as I believe I heard the livestream say new islands would come up for future workshops – serve as a badge of pride for workshop contestants who win!  Such islands also act like as an updated database in which developed designs that fit the thematic requirements of the Norrathian races can be kept for future reference.

The August 6 Update

The update set for August 6 has two fun things planned for people to enjoy. The first is the initial building blocks of Landmark’s Guild System. While Guild Claims won’t be implemented yet, the first iteration of the guild system should let people create and join guilds, for the most part.

The August 6 update is also set to introduce a new building material that you might remember from an earlier column: GLASS!

Water voxels plus building with glass? I expect some aquariums for people to swim in eventually!

Elevating Kerrans in Style

In the last column a month ago, we discussed that Kerrans would be getting the nod for the next race to see development in Landmark. To that end, allow me to leave you with the the videos the SOE team has in place for Kerrans from their Workshop livestream shows.

Episode 7 deals with the base design documents and ideas for Kerrans in Landmark, tasking folks with building structures that suit their design documents or agree with their style. In this case, Kerrans like tall buildings and being elevated, partly because of their size, but also because of their culture.

Episode 8 – the latest episode – deals with reviewing what some talented builders have designed.  Some may notice that they have some Asian-inspired reference material in mind for the Kerrans, and it was actually kind of cool how some of it was translated from real-world design into the game.

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