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The Command Post - Zero Gravity

Adam Pipich Posted:
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It’s no secret that the past several months have been unkind to Gravity. Several high-profile mishaps have left the guild in bad favor with the game’s community, causing the loss of many of their strongest players and destroying member morale. Once arguably the best guild in Black Desert, Gravity has since been knocked down quite a few rungs on the competitive ladder. For months the guild struggled to maintain its top-tier status, with high turnover rates and some crushing defeats against guilds they were expected to beat.

In an attempt to move past the rocky history of the guild, Gravity rebranded themselves last Wednesday, now going by the name Lunar and sporting a shiny new guild logo. During this process they managed to absorb the remaining players from Iconic, a guild that has been going through their own issues ever since the server merge threw them into competition they seemingly weren’t prepared for. Hoping that this would give them the boost in strength and renewed confidence they so desperately needed, Lunar joined up with Critical to participate in the Mediah siege, attempting to take back the castle after handing it off to them in the previous week.

The siege turned out to be quite large, with a total of 9 guilds participating in the war. Lunar and Critical brought NewEra, TradeFederation, and DeadSerious, while Audacity, Vision, Fortune, and BlackRose contested. The fight began with each guild on the attacking side splitting off to contest one of Critical’s allies. Audacity fought NewEra, Fortune took on DeadSerious, Vision went up against Lunar, and BlackRose opted for TradeFed. Within the first 15 minutes of the war, TradeFed fell to BlackRose, freeing them up to help assault Lunar’s base. Outnumbered 2 to 1, Lunar’s walls quickly fell to the onslaught, and their command post didn’t last much longer. With their strongest opponent out of the picture, the attacking team cleaned up the rest of the bases and moved on to take down the castle. Critical struggled holding out against the 4 remaining guilds, and only an hour and a half into the war, the castle fell. Without any more opposition, the attacking team was left to decide a winner amongst themselves. As Vision came to help Audacity, and Fortune brought BlackRose to help them, Audacity and Fortune agreed to have their allies step out as they fought 1 on 1 for the territory. In the end Audacity won, taking Mediah for themselves.

Unfortunately for both Critical and Lunar, this war ultimately came down to Audacity bringing a more consistent lineup of guilds. Not only did Audacity’s allies win every matchup, Vision has recently made huge strides towards becoming the strongest guild on the server. While Lunar may have individual players that match those from Vision, they’re still a newly reformed guild with two separate crowds mixed in, and they currently just aren’t playing at the level that they should. However, I do expect this to change in the following weeks as they gain more experience working together.

After the war, I spoke with Audacity’s guild master about their plans for the upcoming sieges. He explained that they won’t be holding Mediah next week, but do intend on working with Vision in the future, continuing on to say: “They're one of the very few groups that have held true to agreements made.”

I attempted to reach out to Lunar’s leadership for an interview regarding their recent merger and rebranding, but was unable to get into contact with them.

All other territory wars ended without opposition this week, giving the previous owner a win by default. Calpheon went to ManUp, Balenos to LotD, Serendia to ChoNation, and Valencia to Barcode.


Adam Pipich

Adam is the resident Black Desert Online writer here at MMORPG.com.