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The Collector’s Edition

David North Posted:
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We all love buying games, but some of us love buying special, or Collector's Editions.  I love to see what the special edition has to offer over just getting a regular game.  For a few years the mystery of what ArenaNet would be offering for Guild Wars 2 has kept us all wondering, but earlier last week the curtains were pulled back and we got our first glimpse at the Collector's Edition options and I'm very excited!  Let's go ahead and break some of it down in order to help you decide if it's the right option for you, because I already know it is for me!

The Art of Guild Wars 2has been out for a while, and just about everyone who is interested in the series already has it.  It only made sense for them to replace that with something else.  They went with a book that is being labeled as Making of Guild Wars 2.  In my opinion this book is a great replacement, as it will give us a larger look at the game as a whole.  Don't get me wrong, as a concept artist myself I think it's great to show concept art and how it brings life to a game.  But the real beauty is how everything comes together and makes the game whole.

Speaking of art, the Collector's edition will give 5 art prints and a frame to select one and display it on your wall.  I really like this addition to the mix of goodies.  From the looks of the art pieces, they give us a range from super epic, to enchanting and mystifying.  So no matter what your taste in the previously shown concept art were, there will be something for everyone.

Another neat part of the Collector's edition is the soundtrack CD that offers the best songs in the game.  The first game had a great soundtrack, and from what I experienced in the beta for GW2, the music was very inspiring and epic.  I wouldn't mind listening to those songs while drawing or just hanging around.  And what Collector’s Edition is complete without a soundtrack CD?  It’s become somewhat of a staple.

Now for the best part to the Collector's Edition, besides the game of course.  They are giving players an amazing 10-inch tall figure of Rytlock.  It looks as awesome as it sounds, trust me!  Rytlock is in an awesome pose, ready to charge into battle.   We haven't seen the figure up close yet (unless you watched our interview with Jon Peters last week), but from what I can tell the detail should be at an acceptable level.  I can't wait to have this thing sitting on my desk!

I was kinda hoping for a huge gold statue of the bear spirit to complete my shrine, but the Rytlock figure should do.

So we went over some of the physical aspects of the Collector's Edition, and I'm hoping you're all as pumped as I am.  But that isn't all; there are some digital offerings for those who choose to be a Collector.  The first thing that really caught my attention was the golem banker.  You get a golem that will let you access your bank account from anywhere in the world.  The only thing that is kind of a bummer is that this feature will only be available for 5 days.  I love the golems in Guild Wars and I know the Hall of monuments gives you one, but I want more!  I think that after those 5 days are gone I'd be disappointed.  It’s like you barely get a chance to know the little machine!

I want this to happen, but in real life.

Another digital offering is a unique skill.  It will let you summon a Mistfire wolf.  We know it's an elite skill and that it is a temporary summon, but as far as stats go my guess is that it will be balanced with the summons we see from the different professions.  I like this offering as it gives everyone a chance to have something to assist them when they choose to adventure alone.  It will also probably look pretty neat so that’s always a bonus.  As long as they don't make it super strong I think that it's great offering in the Collector's Edition.

Some other digital items are the Chalice of Glory and the Tome of Influence.  The only item that has a serious impact on the PvE experience is the Tome.  It will offer you a chance to unlock some things for your guild, but it will only work once.  The Chalice will affect the PvP experience, by unlocking some rewards, and to make sure it isn't giving too much power to those who bought the Collector's Edition, it can only be used for this function once.  These items are nice and give a little extra boost.  I do wonder if others who decide to not purchase the Collector's Edition or the Digital Deluxe Edition will be angry over this.  If you have an opinion on that, please leave a comment below.

I'm really picky about what Special Edition games I buy, but Guild Wars2 has everything I expect and more.  The Rytlok figure and the Making of Guild Wars 2 book are probably the two things that I am most excited about.  I must say waiting for Guild Wars 2 to come out was already hard enough.  Now ArenaNet has dropped this bomb on us and the wait is going to be even more painful! Now, to save up that $150.


David North