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The Casual Action MMO Shines on PS4

William Murphy Posted:
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When Skyforge launched in 2015 on PC, we liked it, even if it felt ultimately shallow and overly complicated in some aspects. Fast forward almost 2 years, and the Allods Team/Obsidian MMORPG is launching on the PlayStation 4. Arguably, this is where the game should have been all along, as it seems custom-made for the console, and with recent changes made to progression and combat, feels a lot more fun to play.

We’ve been playing on the UK-based PS4 friends and family server for a week or so. And while many have claimed Skyforge is P2W, and without getting into the debate, I can see the merit – if you think paying to progress faster is winning. The game’s set up to let anyone progress and earn the same rewards, but those willing to pay for a premium subscription or boosters will definitely get there first. That aside, I didn’t find anything egregious in Skyforge’s console cash shop. It’s mostly mounts, cosmetics, and boosts. Nothing you need to play to be competitive.

Admittedly, I didn’t get a chance to try the PVP on the F&F server, as there aren’t a whole lot of folks playing what’s essentially an alpha in-house server. But today marks the launch of “Early Access” for PS4 founder pack purchasers, with official launch on Sony’s machine coming April 11th. Issues I found on the PC version at launch, such as optimization and under-explained progression are all gone. It’s still a tad repetitive, as while the progression of leveling your god is more streamlined, it can still feel grindy.

Graphically, Skyforge shines on the PS4, but I don’t see mention of the game taking advantage of the PS4 pro’s extra power. It looks great, regardless as it always did on the PC. Voice over is still… iffy, at best. A lot of the changes to the core game that came on the PC last year now clearly ring out as changes they made for the PS4 edition. The entire menu UI has been rebuilt from the ground up though, and while there’s still a lot to navigate.

If you’ve not played Skyforge in a while, it may be a good time to check it out again on the PS4, especially if you’re looking for a fun F2P game to play on the couch/console. Right now it’s still in the early access period, where founder packs are the only way to play. But it goes widely F2P for everyone on April 11th


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