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The Cash Shop Review

Mark Wilhelm Posted:
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“Pure Ally’s Wings”, “Loving Ally’s Wings” and “Corrupt Ally’s Wings” gliders, 2240 credits each. Color-swapped gliders (white, pink and black respectively) with the same stats and special ability (somersault). If you don’t already have a Founders Pack glider, these might be worth looking into until you can afford to craft or loot something better.

“Glider Customization: Flames”, “Glider Customization: Spring Breeze”, “Glider Customization: Silver Shadow” and “Glider Customization: Blue Rainbow” glider image items, 800 credits each. These items can be used to change the appearance of real gliders. These aren’t gliders themselves, but trade packs that exist as single items in your inventory. To use them you’ll need “Fusion Alembic”, an item we’ll get to later in this list. Purely for aesthetics; these items do not change glider functionality.

“Browntail Leomorph” and “Blacktail Leomorph” regular leomorph mounts, 400 credits each. Color swaps, nothing special.

“Green Elk” and “Violet Elk” regular elk mounts, 400 credits each. Again, just color swaps.

“Sandmane Snowlion” and “Snowmane Snowlion” regular snowlion mounts, 400 credits each. See a pattern yet?

“Tax Certificate” contraption stack of 5, 45 credits. Too lazy to go to your house and craft some tax certificates with labor points? Just buy them with cash! Then use the rest of your cash to wipe the sweat off your brow and order another pizza. You’ve earned it, Mr. One Percent.

“Building Appraisal Certificate” contraption, 300 credits. You’ll need this if you want to sell your house the legitimate way. You can still make shady back-alley deals if you want, but why risk it?

“Spacious Storage Chest” furniture, 895 credits. With 50 storage slots on tap, you almost don’t need to bother expanding your warehouse space! You used to be able to craft these yourself, but they’re not listed in the Folio anymore, so perhaps cash is the only option now. If so, that’s upsetting.

“Owl Mailbox” furniture, 200 credits. It’s a permanent mailbox for your house. Very useful if your cabin’s way out in the middle of nowhere or anywhere on Auroria. You can craft this item yourself but it requires some refined materials.

“Jumbo Green Elk Plushie”, “Jumbo Purple Elk Plushie” and “Jumbo Pink Elk Plushie” arcane furniture, 448 credits each. Cute furniture you can place in your house. You can craft plushies, but you’ll need pretty high Tailoring proficiency before you’ll be able to craft these massive arcane rarity pieces. There’s a quest to collect them all, oddly enough. Good luck with that.

“Odorous Clothes” and “Soiled Clothes” rare costumes, 850 credits each. No effects, purely aesthetic. These clothes will make you look like a console gaming peasant.

“Classique Ball Attire”, “Dazzling Ball Attire” and “Purestar Ball Attire” grand costumes, 1425 credits each. Classy suits and dresses for classy people. You’re gonna like the way you look, I guarantee it.

“Fusion Alembic” material, 45 credits. You need many multiples of this item if you want to swap visuals on armor and weapons or other items. I needed 15 to change my glider’s appearance.

“Crest Brainstorm” talisman, 300 credits. Alpha players will probably recognize this item immediately, as it was given away with abandon early on during that testing phase. You need this to make crests, which are the stamps you use to put images on capes, sails, boxes, picture frames, t-shirts and all kinds of other stuff. I don’t mind it being a cash shop item.

“Premium Dye: Forsythia”, “Premium Dye: Liquid Gold”, “Premium Dye: Creamsicle”, “Premium Dye: Russet Bark” and “Premium Dye: Spring Leaf” rare dyes, 200 credits each. They’re dyes, expensive ones that you can’t craft. Dyes are already somewhat difficult to make (requiring 30k Alchemy proficiency), so a couple that normal folks can buy with cash isn’t that bad in my opinion.

A whole bunch of blank items, like cubes, columns, long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts, blockheads, masks, flags, picture frames, and canvases for you to stamp images on, ranging in price from 225 credits to 750 credits. You’ll need a Crest Brainstorm to make the stamps that get applied to these blank items, or you can use a stamp someone else has already made.

That’s it! That’s all the items available for purchase with real money through ArcheAge’s cash shop as curated by Trion Worlds. The cash shops in other territories like Russia and Korea have a much broader and perhaps much more controversial set of items available for sale, but Trion has carefully chosen mostly aesthetic items to sell in their version. There are a few items that seem out of place such as the inventory expansion scroll, but Trion still has the opportunity to change that if they feel pressured to do so.

Time will tell how players respond to the shop and what gets added in the future, but for now things look somewhat promising. What do you think? What would you like to see in ArcheAge’s cash shop?

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