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The Best Things about Orsinium

William Murphy Posted:
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Recently, I’ve been diving back into Elder Scrolls Online with renewed fervor. It’s been a while since I really played the game regularly, and while a great DLC the Imperial City along didn’t bring me back. I didn’t have a truly active group of PVP friends to play with. Conversely, Hrothgar and the swell of content that is Orsinium has me logging in daily once more. Here are a few things I think make Orsinium one of ESO’s best content updates.

5.) The Level Scaling

In what’s becoming a regular feature for games that feature linear progression, Zenimax has introduced level scaling into their PVE content with Orsinium. The feature’s tech was always there for Cyrodiil, but with Orsinium anyone past the initial tutorial zone after creating a character can get to Orsinium by simply taking the quest available at any of the major city outposts. Once in Orsinium, the game boosts you up to Veteran Rank 15, and when Veteran Ranks are removed, it’ll boost you to level 50. Along with the megaservers, this keeps Orsinium thriving with players from all over the level range doing content and hunting down group bosses.

4.) Cross-Alliance Dungeons

If there’s one thing that’s always been a bit off in ESO for me, it’s the group finder and the ability to do dungeons. Orsinium has changed that completely for me, as the group finder’s seen an overhaul so that it also matches you with players of other alliances for dungeons. Once the veteran ranks are gone completely, I expect finding groups will be even easier.

Read on for more great things about Orsinium!

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