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The Best Loyalty Rewards

William Murphy Posted:
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A lot of games hand out loyalty rewards these days.  It’s a great way, when done right, to keep subscribers well… subscribed.  But more often than not, they’re usually throw away crap no one really wants, except the most hardcore of hardcore fans.  I mean, in a way this makes sense because you’re likely rewarding the hardcore players because they’d be the ones subscribed for the longest amount of time.  But Trion and Rift seem to be thinking on their feet as we head into the dangerous SWTOR and GW2 infested territory of the next several months. The stuff they’re giving to those who’ve been subscribed for a while is pretty wicked.

The Portable Vendor

Brilliant. Really.  Sure, he’s on a two hour cooldown, and sure you need to be subscribed for at least six months to get him, but it’s so worth having him in a dungeon or out in the middle of nowhere when your bags fill up.  It’s like having your Torchlight pet in Rift. On top of the selling stuff thing, he also gets progressively better wares to sell to you.  From drinks to refill your mana (always needed), to costume gear that you can’t get anywhere else.

Coolest looking Level 24 Dwarf ever!

Lowbies that Look Good

Yes, the main I’m using lately is only level 24. I’m a slow leveler, but only because doing what I love means hopping from game to game.  I used to play Defiant, but I missed my favorite race of all time: the stunty.  So, I’m leveling him up in my down-time.  It helps my self-esteem doing the leveling all over again that I can look this badass while doing it.  Now, where was I?

Oh right: veteran rewards that rock. So the portable vendor gives you this awesome vanity gear, but as you stay with the game longer I understand he’ll also start selling special mounts and other vanity gear. This is the kind of stuff I’d stick around for.  I don’t expect Trion to start shelling out free levels and nor should they.  But giving us veterans stuff no one else can get? Making the goods actually cool to boot?   That’s what loyalty perks should be.  Just like the flaming horse you can get from recruiting a few friends, it shows that Trion really likes the players they have. 

Oh, and alongside the vendor (he’s a lovely chap named Cadbury), you get a nifty portable mailbox too. It’s just another thing that saves you time, and since you’ve put six months’ time into the game as it stands? Well, it’s pretty nice to no longer have to make “errand” runs back to town when you’re out leveling.

The Potions Help Too!

On top of the fluff, you do get some really cool grab bags as well.  Similar the potions from the 6-month-aversary event, a few months loyalty will get you a bunch of 100% XP potions that last for four hours, as well as ones that boost your PVP.  So I guess, in a way, they are handing out levels to their vets.

There are probably some other things I’m missing, and I’m not trying to say “ZOMG, go sign up for a year sub now!” I’m just saying it’s nice to see that Trion takes such good care of their customers.  Some folks don’t get the allure of this game, and I can understand why.  Fan of Rift that I am I know no game is for everyone. But when the big guns come out in the winter and into 2012? Well, knowing that I’m so valued here in Telara is going to make it a lot harder to click that “cancel” button and if they keep this patching up into the future, I have a feeling Rift will be just fine with their loyal fans.

Suzie Ford will be writing some words on the other more essential features of 1.5 for you all on Wednesday.  A lot of stuff was crammed into this patch, including a sort of Alternate Advancement system for level 50s and solo/duo dungeons, and a brand new PVP Warfront.  I’m confident in saying that it seems Trion has released more content in less than a year than most companies release in several and the quality is still there too.  Keep it up guys… and throw in a few more crazy vendor rewards on Cadbury.  I want to see a tuxedo and top-hat as a costume outfit.


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