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The 9th Birthday Celebration Continues!

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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Wizard101 turned 9 on September 2nd! It's really crazy (and awesome) to think that the spiral is one year away from entering the double digits zone. Unfortunately, not everyone was in a celebratory mood. KingsIsle's game servers were the target of DDoS attacks over what was supposed to be a very cheerful holiday weekend. While the KI team was trying to stop the attacks, many players couldn't help but wonder how the in-game birthday event would be handled. After all, the limited time member benefits and special events were only supposed to be available until September 5th. Luckily, KingsIsle came through! Due to the DDoS attacks, the Wizard101 birthday festivities are now extended (though we don't know by how long).

From the Official Message Boards:

"The holiday weekend is over, and we are continuing to address DDOS attacks. Thank you for your patience during these past few days. We are working on new solutions to this problem and consider restoring access to affected Wizard101 and Pirate101 accounts our top priority.  While our original plan was to remove access to special member benefits and special events today (including double pet experience, double gardening rewards, bonus on daily assignments and daily PvP assignments, double Animus and Monstrology experience, free Training Point buyback, Five B.O.X.E.S. Event, and Lost Pages Event), we are now extending access to these benefits and events beyond September 5th. We know many of you missed out on them, so we will keep the party going!  Again, we have always taken care of our community when trouble arrives, and we will be sure to do so again once the issue has been fully resolved. Thank you for your patience and understanding!"

Nobody should let extended party time go to waste! Here are 9 ways you can celebrate Wizard101's 9th birthday.

1. Check out The Commons. During Wizard101's birthday, The Commons is decked out in decorations. Streamers, balloons, banners, and flag poles line the hub's walkways. Occasionally you might even see a fiery birthday phoenix hovering over you. Don't worry, it doesn't bite. I don't think ...

2. Dorm/Castle decorating. There are plenty of birthday themed housing decorations at your disposal. If you're feeling creative, you might want to take a stab at creating your very own party destination.

3. Find and open some birthday boxes. Birthday boxes are scattered throughout the spiral's world hubs. Though some boxes only contain gold and pet snacks, you could get lucky and snag a pet. A few years ago when the presents first made an appearance, I actually opened hundreds of them in order to find the rare Pixie Queen pet (with card). It was worth it! If you're looking for spawn points, check out this guide. It's fairly old, but I think most of the information has stayed the same.

4. Speaking of boxes, complete the Five B.O.X.E.S. Event and Lost Pages Event. Take this opportunity to complete your badge collection or stock up on sonic springs. You can find guides to both events in this Wizard101 Central subforum.

5. Take advantage of all the member benefits. Whether you need to level your pet quickly, harvest your plants, or rethink your training points - Wizard101 has you covered! Double pet experience, double gardening rewards, bonus on daily assignments and PvP assignments, double animus and monstrology experience, and free training point buyback are all active.

6. Reel in birthday fish from the spiral's ponds. The Gobblerfish and all 7 stubby sharks have returned to The Commons and other world hubs. For a complete list of fish locations, look over the Wizard101 Central Fish Locator Table.

7. Throw a party. Because why not?! Use your well decorated dorm/castle from #2; add some housing games like tag and scavenger hunt, and you're good to go! Having a party is also a great way to bring the community together to celebrate this remarkable accomplishment.

8. Watch KI Live on September 21st. In the latest Producer's Letter, Professor Falmea teased something new on the horizon. Attached were two very mysterious pictures labeled "Sycorax Jungle" and "Beast Men." Maybe KingsIsle will drop some more hints about the upcoming update on the livestream? I'm curious to see!

9. Redeem your free stuff! If you redeem the code burstingwithfun by October 1st, you'll receive 1 new Sparkler Wand, 1 Professor's Hoard Pack, 1 Rockhammer Jewel Pack, 1 Energy Elixir, 1 Hambrosia Pet Snack, 1 Birthday Snack Pack, 1 Birthday Gala Gazebo, 1 Confetti Cannon, and 1 Birthday Hat. Nine items for Wizard101's 9th birthday!

How are you planning on celebrating Wizard101's 9th birthday?

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