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The 5 MMOs with the Best Quests

David Jagneaux Posted:
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It’s no secret that most MMO quests are incredibly boring. If it weren’t for the engaging gameplay, multiplayer camaraderie, or epic scenarios that players find themselves, chances are this genre wouldn’t exist any longer. If you compare the questing found in most recent MMO releases to that of early pioneers, the types of quests are almost identical.

Over the years, MMOs have simply failed to deliver quality questing experiences, showing an utter lack of innovation. Part of that is due to the fact that everyone wants something different out of their quests, but that doesn’t explain the lack of diversity. So, if you’re interested in learning which MMOs to play that have the best quests – keep reading!

5) Runescape

I know, I know – it’s Runescape. The game gets a lot of flak for not only the low-quality visuals, but also the childish graphics in and of themselves. Back in the days when solid browser games were all but non-existent, Runescape was truly in its prime. Most everyone that plays MMOs today probably has a background in Runescape in some way, shape, or form.

It’s made this list because it actually manages to deliver some seriously engaging content. All of the quests are extremely accessible and easy to get into, and more than that, they’re diverse and interesting. They all have detailed and rich exposition and many of them are simply hilarious. Comedy is something that very few MMOs fail to really capture, but it permeates almost all aspects of this long-running browser game. It may not be the true “gold-standard” of free-to-play MMOs, but it still has some of the best quests around.

4) Neverwinter

Then you have an MMO like Neverwinter, which is based on what many people refer to as the pinnacle of storytelling – Dungeons & Dragons. Most modern fantasy has its roots in Dungeons & Dragons, and Neverwinter is directly based off of one of its most cherished realms – the Forgotten Realms.

The Forgotten Realms is full of unique characters, locations, and stories, which allows for plenty of storytelling and questing. Neverwinter is also aided by incredibly high-quality voice acting that helps hit home the content of the quests themselves. Undoubtedly, one of the deciding factors for how great the quests in Neverwinter are, is that most of them take place in instanced areas. This allows for more precise and balanced quests, free from the interruptive nature of open worlds. Oh, and The Foundry has some pretty great player-made content as well!

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