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The 10 Greatest MMORPG Heroes of All Time

William Murphy Posted:
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For our next two lists, we’ll be diving into the NPCs of our favorite MMORPGs to find the best heroes and villains across the genre. This week, we’re starting with the good guys, picking our 10 favorite MMORPG heroes of all time.

Some of these may be “gray” on the morality scale, but we think they fit. There are also many more we wish we could include, especially the entire cast of Secret World. But this list is specifically targeted at the heroes - those NPCs that drove the narrative while the players partake in the struggles. For that purpose, we think these 10 lads and lasses (and gods) are some of the best examples in MMO gaming.

10 - Vol’jin | World of Warcraft

9 - The Prophet | The Elder Scrolls Online

8 - Hildebrand | Final Fantasy XIV

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