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Test Realm: Imminent

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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The most recent KI Live gave players a look at what's to come in the next Wizard101 test realm. Although a new world isn't in sight, new school pets, Monstrology, skeleton key bosses, and maybe even a jewel vault will be coming our way very soon.

New School Pets

KingsIsle has been slowly teasing new school pets during the last few KI Lives, but the most recent livestream revealed all of them! What will each school be getting?

  • Death - Ghulture
  • Life - Kookaburra
  • Balance - Opossum
  • Fire - Raging Bull
  • Storm - Raincore
  • Myth - Eyeball
  • Ice - Borealis Golem

You can see what each pet looks like in Duelist101's guide here.


One of the stream's highlights was its emphasis on a brand new system called Monstrology. Although the system was described as an extension of the Myth School, all players will be able to become monstrologists! It's important to note that Monstrology only deals with undead enemies.

How Does it Work?

To get started, players will need to enchant an attack card with an Extract Undead spell. When you hit or defeat an enemy with one of these enchanted cards, you'll collect animus. Once you gather enough animus, you'll have the option of doing three different things.

  • You can create a summon treasure card of a particular undead boss or minion.
  • You can create a house guest of a particular undead boss or minion.
  • You can instantly kill a particular undead minion.

Allowing enemies to roam houses has been a popular request over the years, so I'm sure many players (especially housing fanatics!) will enjoy the upcoming Monstrology update. Although the insta-kill trick will only work on undead mobs, it will surely help farmers get the job done quicker. More importantly though, Monstrology will make myth's minions relevant again in the form of those crafted treasure cards. That's right; myth wizards will be able to summon both a trained minion and a Monstrology minion into battle at the same time. Additionally, KingsIsle teased that it will be possible for myth wizards to fill an entire battle circle with minions! How? We'll just have to find out when test realm rears its head!

What Else is Coming?

  • Monstrodome - The Monstrodome will allow players to summon undead enemies in their houses. Every enemy will have a different loot table than the original version.
  • Skeleton Key Bosses - New skeleton key bosses are coming! The question is - how many?
  • Jewel Vault - KingsIsle mentioned that a jewel vault is on the way. This means players will be able to hoard even more jewels!

Are you excited for the upcoming Wizard101 test realm? What do you want to see in it? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 


Vanessa Mythdust