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Test Realm Has Gone Live!

Kelsey Fireheart Posted:
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Pirate101 now has a brand new dungeon, the Dreadnaught, in the Skull Island Skyway where you can get neat furniture that you will only see in Wizard101.

You also have a chance of getting super cool Haywire Armada weapons.

Pirates who are 50+ and up can access this dungeon which is located behind Skull Island in the Skull Island Skyway. You are encouraged to take a full team into this dungeon, you will need the help. Be warned, this dungeon has a RARE chance of popping up. Patience is the key. But Pirate101 had a great question – is this rogue Dreadnaught bound for Skull Island? What a scary thought!

Not only that, they have added new Epic talent ranks which is available from talent boosting pets, items and powers.

Epic Talent - Rank 4 - Rank 5

Turn the Tide - +25% Strength - +25% Strength

Burst Fire, Relentless, Mojo Echo - +1 Crit Rating (+5% Crit Chance) - additional +5% Crit Chance per Hit

Cheap Shot, Parting Shot, & Parting Cast - +1 Crit Rating - Base Chance to immobilize increase to 50%

Bladestorm, Double Tap, & Mojo Rising - +1 Crit Rating - +25% Damage per Hit

First Strike, Quick Draw, and Quick Cast - +1 Crit Rating - Attack is Hidden (Invisible to most Counter-Epics) and +50% Damage

Hold the Line - Attacker Buff +25% Dodge - Attacker Buff +50% Dodge

Overwatch, Repel Boarders, & Readied Spell - +1 Crit Rating - 1 Square Knockback

Riposte, Return Fire, & Counterspell - +1 Crit Rating - +1 Crit Rating per Activation

Quick Adjust, Second Chance, & Second Cast - +1 Crit Rating - +1 Crit Rating per Activation

Flanking, Crossfire, & Crosscast - +1 Crit Rating - can Flank with Allies of Any Attack type (not just matching types)

Vengeance Strike, True Grit, & Retribution - +1 Crit Rating - Stun Activation Chance increase to 50%

Witch Hunter - +1 Crit Rating - each successful Witch Hunter Counter Attack Purges 1 Buff from Attacker

(Note: The Witch Hunter power has been revised. Its previous function reduced magic attacker's damage STAT by 50%. Its new function is to reduce the damage of the next incoming magical attack by 50%.)

Elusive - +75% Dodge Bonus - +100% Dodge Bonus

They also have added many bug fixes which you can find on the update notes.

The Ashes of the Armada Pack

Pirate101 now has a brand new pack which everybody is excited about! You can find it in the Crown Shop for 399 Crowns. What you can get from this super awesome pack are three things – Wizard101 furniture, pretty cool weapons and awesome Armada companions! Apparently there’s four companions that you could get from this pack – Haywire Battle Angel Companion, Haywire Musketeer Companion, Haywire Marine Companion and Haywire Dragoon Companion!

The most interesting thing about the Wizard101 furniture being dropped from this pack is that the fact they all come from three specific worlds in Wizard101 – Grizzleheim, Krokotopia and Dragonspyre. Is this a clue that we will see those worlds in game soon? Who knows? But at least you get new cool items to decorate your pirate houses!

As for the weapons, they are pretty nifty and quite familiar to those who play Wizard101. Some of them are very similar to the Beckett wands which are now dropped in Wizard101. One is a very familiar promotion wand that is currently not obtainable in Wizard101, the Valor Sword except in Pirate101, it’s two swords, not one. My favorite is the Orb of Nefarious Death Weapon. You get a gun and a floating skull that gives off a pink glow. A floating skull? That’s just too neat for words.

Super Crowns Sale

Along with the release of the new pack, the Super Crowns Sale has also become available for a limited time. You can get up to 50% Bonus Crowns on Crown Blocks. This way you can get PLENTY of crowns to open packs. Those companions are a must have for all pirates after all! Perfect timing eh? But, you better hurry, the sale ends on October 10th at 11:59 CST.


Kelsey Fireheart