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Tequatl Will Rise

David North Posted:
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ArenaNet’s newest addition to the Super Adventure Box is putting Guild Wars 2 players to the ultimate retro gaming test.  I probably ran into poison dart traps about 100 times.  While we are all taking a break from the serious and going against assassins and ninja owls, an ancient evil is getting stronger.   It’s been waiting, growing, and evolving.   Its name is Tequatl, and it's getting an overhaul with tomorrow's big update.

When players first did battle with a dragon, it was exciting. The deadly beast soared above players, and smashed down on them.  Then players reached max level, and every dragon ended up with similar attack patterns.  The mighty dragons, which could have been a very unique experience, have just become another dull target of loot runs.  Players use to drop like flies from the dragon’s might, but now you’re lucky to see even one player downed.  Well I mean, you never want to see another player have trouble, but these are dragons we are talking about.

Remember all those times you beat him up for a loot chest? Get ready for payback!

A new bit of content coming this patch, Tequatl Rising, focuses on the dragon known as Tequatl the Sunless.  Now for the few who still haven’t had a chance to face this large beast, Tequatl is a dragon that comes from the deep sea, and rains undead on the heroes of Tyria.  Sounds pretty intense right?  Well the dragons need a major overhaul, and I believe this new bit of content is going to make Tequatl the thing of players' nightmares.

At the moment we don’t know exactly how Tequatl will become stronger.  We’ve seen a neat teaser trailer for the patch, which features the dragon flying over the camera view, and a huge tidal wave washing over.  I’m hoping this is just one of many new attacks.  Players who attending the PAX Anniversary Party got a nice full taste of the content, but I'd prefer not to spoil it by watching the Youtube videos.  Just increasing the stats of the dragon won’t really make the fight seem more memorable, or more challenging, so hearing they changed the way Tequatl fights is very hopeful.  Let’s cross our fingers that in future events the other dragons will get a nice overhaul as well.

Dragons are pretty awesome, but why focus another event on them?  Wasn’t the Dragon Bash enough?  The entire main storyline for the game focuses on the power of the dragons causing chaos across the lands of Tyria.   Making a dragon more powerful isn’t enough to really put a focus on them.  Sure they pop up in the personal storylines, but having a major story arc revolve around one of the dreaded beasts will really remind players why the world is in the state it’s in.  The players may think they run things, but the dark reality is that the dragons are in control.  Sure you may have beaten them up a few times, but they always fly away.  They’re just playing around.

Players should fear the dragons.

I’m not sure what the event will have in store for us, but it seems failure is very possible.  If so, I wonder what the consequences are.  During Clockwork Chaos, failing to defeat Blair really didn’t make too much of a difference.  Near the end of the event, most players put more of a focus on farming than going after the successful rewards.  In the description for the event, it says we will once again ally with some old friends.  Perhaps this is referring to the members of Destiny’s Edge.  Could failure mean the legendary guild meets their end?

Now that I’m thinking about it, that’s very possible.  A new Destiny’s Edge could be forming through the Living Story.  I know this theory is floating around in the chat and forums.  But the more I think about it the more I think that it’s possible.  The best way for the old members to pass the torch is through the act of dragon slaying, the very thing the guild was known for. The description even says we will meet up with new allies, the possible new members of Destiny’s Edge.  If I’m wrong, then I hope failure means that something just flat out gets totally blown up, or swallowed by the sea.

Either way, this event is going to be awesome. The main reason of course being that finally a dragon could be a real threat to players.  Every MMO I’ve played so far has had very dull and boring encounters when it comes to dragons, or any other giant creature for that matter.  I can’t wait to see what new tricks Tequatl has hidden under his scales.  The small story line may also be just as interesting, having the potential to make a real impact on the world.  But it seems we won’t know much more until later this week.  Until then, I have some baubles to find.

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