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Ten Tips for Surviving the Wasteland

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Fallout 4 is here. If you are stuck at work and not able to actually play yet, here are a few things to help you get through the Wasteland. There are no words to fully describe the scope and depth of this game. Bringing everything from Fallout 3 plus an amazing crafting and modification system. You could call is Fallout-craft is you wanted too. A huge addition to the game is building up your settlement/s across the wasteland. Read on for some tips for surviving and thriving in Fallout 4. So, with all that in mind, here we go:

10. Don’t Just Wander at the Start.

We all want to wander the Wasteland. I get that, but you will be much better served doing the first few quest lines before you go out on your own. There are certain aspects of Fallout 4 that differ from previous versions and having your settlement established is a key factor in the game. Plus there are a few goodies you will pick up at the beginning which pay a lot of dividends throughout the game.

9. Craft Away

You have some settlers now and they are relying on you. Therefore it is your time to shine. Don’t hesitate to take an hour or so and learn how to build up that settlement. After all you will be coming back here a lot. The system does take some getting used too but the early quests you get are easy to follow and once you get the hang of it you can go full speed. Remember you are not just modifying weapons, you are building a huge fortress in the wasteland this time around.

8. Spread the Talent Points!

You may have a specific character build in mind and that's fine and good. But the new SPECIAL perk tree is deep and filled with lots of reasons to bounce around where you spend your points. I found myself winning all sorts of encounters through sheer diversity. The game is not designed to favor one type of play style, so don't feel locked into one stat or build!

7. Intelligence and Hacks

It sounds crazy, but you want to be smart. Many times access terminals unlock large amounts of loot. If you cannot beat the codes, you’ll be left without some serious firepower. It is worth building up to the Hacker perks for this reason alone.  Seriously, hacking is key!

6. Top to Bottom

The map gets much harder as you go south. Don’t get me wrong the north was no picnic and I died several times up there with some very tough encounters. However, the northern part of the map gives you a great area to explore before heading into the depths of Diamond City and the heavier parts of the game. Also try and explore the skyway between buildings whenever you can. There is a lot of great stuff to be found up there.  Like what you see below...

5. Nothing is Worthless

Junk has meaning. Everything can be scrapped now to make crafting materials. EVERYTHING! Pick up as much as you can then get back to the settlements to craft away. I am always missing some key materials so it is critical to pick up junk as much as you can. Yes even dumb things like fans and hotplates. They offer some great resources you’ll need even when modifying your weapons.  

4. Know Where You Keep Your Power Armor

If you wander around and come to encounters that you cannot get through, trust me there are many. It may be time to fire up the old Power Armor. Make sure you have enough Fusion Cells, then fast travel from your settlement and go back and let those Raiders or Super Mutants have it with full fury.

3. Ammo and Stimpacks

Just like with any Fallout game, you have to keep your ammo and stimpacks close at hand. Do not go into a tough fight without a good supply, even if you think you will pick up a few in the process: you won’t get to them in time. The mobs in Fallout are relentless. Bosses are tough as nails and usually surrounded by a solid group of helpers. Therefore, heal often, and make sure you have a lot of ammo before every big mission.

2. Keep a Variety of Weapons

Everyone has their favorites and that is great. However, depending on the fight I found myself swapping out weapons as needed. If Ghouls were involved I found myself switching to the shotgun or a melee weapon. If I was storming a fortress of Raiders then perhaps the long range sniper rifle would cut down my enemies before I charged in.

1. Don’t Rush!

You will be playing this game for months. Let’s be honest, this is not a twitchy shooter with a quick campaign... at least not all the time. This is Fallout, maybe you will see the light of day in April? That would only be for lunch. In all seriousness, the depth of this world is vast.  The map may look smaller than Skyrim, but it's packed so densely within its urban landscape that there will be things to discover for the foreseeable future. It is not just the exploring and fighting, but the crafting and building now that are a huge part of the game. Let’s also not forget the amazing story and just purely beautiful wasted world. Enjoy everyone, and see you in a few months...


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