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Ten Reasons to Look Forward to WoD

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I don’t normally do lists. In the spirit of full disclosure I think I’ve only written one list on this site before. I’m not really sure what sparked me to create a list for this week’s column. It probably had to do with all the David Letterman I watched last week, which is something I also never really do, but they had the Foo Fighters on all week as their house musical guests and had some tremendous performances. I’ve also been on a bit of a World of Warcraft kick since I logged back in last week to check out patch 6.0.2. For those that have missed it 6.0.2 is the patch prepping the game for the launch of the fifth expansion Warlords of Draenor.  So in the spirit of Letterman and with an eye to next month’s WoD release here is my list of the Top Ten Reasons to look forward to Warlords of Draenor.

10) Improved Item Management. Most of us have probably spent hours upon hours of our life messing with stacks of items. Trying to fit all of your suits of armor for different types of PvE, PvP, and at one point mount speed, can be a major pain in the back side. The introduction of a reagents tab and the ability to craft with items in your bank instead of your bags should help alleviate this bag space shuffle and free up more time to actually do something like play the game.

9) Clash of Clans Invades Draenor. And by that I mean Garrisons. It may not be a completely fair comparison and truth be told it is actually a feature I’m looking forward to.  It’s just what we all need, to go around and collect people to populate our garrisons. If mounts, pets, and toys were enough now we have something else to exercise our Pokémon demons with.

8) You no longer need a TI-82 to calculate your DPS. Thank you Blizzard for the Stat Squish!

7) You can turn off the character model upgrades. As crazy as it seems some people are not happy with having their beloved avatars appearance change after the better part of a decade. With a simple flip of the switch in a systems setting you can make sure all those blood elves don’t have to feel so bad about not getting an upgrade.

6) WoW orcs now look better than LoTRO orcs. But they still pale in comparison to Shadow of Mordor’s Uruk.

5) Getting to hit the MMO item reset button. Who doesn’t like to start over every now and then?

4) The new horde mount. Proof that Blizzard really does love Horde.

3) Updated group finder. This one is actually pretty legit. The new group finder allows you to set criteria to create groups for PvE and PvP content. Looking to find some transmog gear from Black Wing Lair? Look and see if anyone has a group already started and is recruiting. If there isn’t one available you can create your own group and give it a name, a type, and set additional requirements. Want someone to have 550 ilvl gear to go through BWL with you? You can do that but you’ll need to make sure your ilvl is at 550 or above too. You can even make voice chat a requirement if that tickles your fancy. Of course you could also just take whoever volunteers to go and as people find your group and request to join you’ll get a pop up that tells you who the perspective applicant is, their rank in the proving grounds, and some other information. The raid leader or the assistants can choose to accept the applicants and the tool will keep a tally of what roles have joined your group giving you an overview of your formation progress.

2) A return to the lore of classic Warcraft and it’s all about the Horde. Further proof that Blizzard really does love the Horde.

 And the number one reason to look forward to the Warlords of Draenor is….

1) You can get boosted to 90 and forget that Mists of Pandaria ever happened!

I hope none of you take this list too serious. Most of the items are tongue in cheek. There are some great features coming up in the next expansion though and we are now at 1 month until it is released upon the masses. Let me know what you think of the list or what you would have put in your top ten in the comments below. See you in Azeroth!

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