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Last week, Wizard101 introduced a brand new hoard pack into the spiral. Unlike many other hoard packs which revolve around key areas, this hoard pack puts a spotlight on Ravenwood's professors. Along with look-alike clothing, the Professor's Hoard Pack gives wizards the opportunity to receive school themed mounts, wands, and a furry friend.

Best Student

The Professor's Hoard Pack contains 7 different gear sets matching the 7 different Ravenwood professors. Looking back on it, this concept was teased back in January with a Feedback Friday. Leah Ruben (Professor Falmea on the official message boards) asked players, "If you could choose to have clothing inspired by one of the Professors, which one would it be?" It looks like KingsIsle didn't make the players choose after all! While a neat stitch set, the gear offers very little in terms of stats. An interesting aspect to note however, is that the hats come with never before seen spells. The death Mass Feint card especially had some heads turning. To take a peek at the other new spells, check out Duelist101's guide here.

Headmaster Swag

The Headmaster wouldn't miss out on the Ravenwood fun, would he? In addition to the Professor gear sets, Headmaster staffs can also be obtained from the Professor's Hoard Pack. Each wand provides school specific wand hits and a may cast spell. The may cast spells are as follows:

  • Storm: Supercharge
  • Myth: Vassanji
  • Fire: Scald
  • Ice: Frozen Armor
  • Life: Dryad
  • Death: Monster Mash
  • Balance: Judgement

Symbolic Mounts

When a wizard casts a spell during battle, a school specific animation appears. These casting symbols can now be used to rapidly explore the spiral. The Professor's Hoard Pack cast symbol mounts are transparent, and present the school symbols front and center. Though the mounts don't supply any stat boosts, they do come with the standard +40% speed boost.

Hoot Hoot

The Owl Protégé pet is the prize many were after when the Professor's Hoard Pack was first released. Unfortunately, there was a mistake and the owl wasn't even originally in the pack's loot roll. When KingsIsle was made aware of the problem, they gave everyone who purchased a Professor's Hoard Pack an Owl Protégé pet in their gift box. This issue has since been corrected and the owl is now obtainable.

Like the newly discovered Bunny Mallow and Egg Chick pets, the Owl Protégé pet comes with partially filled stats at baby. Since this had never been seen before, players were quite puzzled. Luckily, Dworgyn posted on the official message boards that the pets will be fixed in a future update. However, players who have already trained these pets will be able to keep their additional stats.

What do you think of Wizard101's newest pack? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 


Vanessa Mythdust