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Hillary Nicole Posted:
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(I'm changing the date to be more in tune with now - this story is very, very loosely based off my life experiences. So while some of it is true, there is quite a bit that is fictional).

June 4. Monday.

11 a.m. Crap, crap, damn… Class starts in an hour. What happened to my alarm? How did it get unplugged? I slept in too late. I went to bed too late. I knew this would happen. Damn it, why didn’t I just go to bed on time? Right, Blizzard announced nerfs (mental note: check thread replies later today). I should have set out clothes last night. Or perhaps just slept in them, predicting the inevitability of this happening. Throw on favorite pair of black skinny jeans, white tank top, black Vans, and hair… doesn’t really need to be done. Ponytail will suffice.

11:46 a.m. Why can’t people drive the speed limit? Why do they have to go 5 to 10 MPH below it and then if they need to make a turn, they decide to come to a complete stop before actually turning. I don’t see a light here! What are you stopping for?

12:02 p.m. Thank goodness for vending machines. Brunch only costs a few bucks, granted I only get my money’s worth. Only a few minutes late, as well. People stare at me as I walk into the room. Naturally the teacher calls roll, checking to see if anyone doesn’t belong. Everyone looks around at one another, predicting who the idiot will be that went into the wrong classroom.

I should have known a programming class would be packed full of nerds eager to be future engineers, graphic designers, or anything that has everything to do with computers.  Me? I’m only here because I’d been given a choice of taking two intro computer courses or taking Calculus... I use my fingers and toes while adding and subtracting.

12:37 p.m. The upside to computer classes is you have a computer sitting in front of you the whole class. This means free reign over the internet. The two guys sitting next to me sat on facebook nearly the whole class. I managed to check Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, 3 of my favorite gaming forums, and any recent columns on MMORPG.com while Farmville is up in one of the tabs. It's amazing how addicting this game can be once you start playing it. I got spammed enough requests to play it, so figured I may as well.          

Still avoiding checking any threads I made while delirious last night. Afraid of the end result. For some reason I've been labeled a "board warrior" and "forum troll" on a lot of sites. Not sure why. Guess sarcasm doesn't translate well through text.

1:30 p.m. Finally able to leave. What a boring class. The teacher speaks in a monotone voice. He should look into recording his voice on tape and selling it to those who have trouble sleeping at night. I’ve noticed no one ever has trouble sleeping in a boring lecture.

Now I just have to wait out the two hours until my next class.

2:43 p.m. Great... my Gameboy's batteries just died during the Slime Climb level of Donkey Kong Country 2. I don't know what it is about this game, but I've had it for years and still find it so addicting, especially this level. Something about giving you anxiety attacks while running from rising water and a piranha that makes you want to play it more...

Oh well, time to read this book from class... haha, yea right. Nap time!

3:57 p.m. No one has come to class yet, was class cancelled today? Guess I should go to the library and check email.

4:10 p.m. After reviewing my schedule over, don’t have another class until tomorrow. Great. Two hours wasted at school doing nothing. Time to go home.

5 p.m. Walk in the door, first thing mom asks, “How was school?” I don’t really know how to respond to this question anymore so I just mutter, “Fine.” I think next time I am going to say “riveting” to catch her off guard. All the movie critics use that word to describe the movies they watch. Do they really think a movie is riveting? No.

The same question gets asked about work: “How was work?” It’s Wal Mart. It sucks. The people suck. The customers suck. Being in electronics sucks. Not near as much as being elsewhere, however. So I can’t complain… too much. Quite truthfully, the “TV Wall” in electronics needs to be destroyed. There are 30 TVs up on a wall, all with their volume up way too loud and all that play the same damned commercials that loop every ten minutes. I’m sorry Carly Rae Jepsen, but your music sucks, especially when on loop. Apparently he doesn't like you, so he's probably not going to call you... maybe.

Also, I think there really needs to be a dress code enacted for people that shop at Wal-Mart from now on. Everyone should be handed uniforms or snuggies as they enter the store. There are days I go to work and I’m amazed that I don’t leave blind. After seeing a 400 pound lady in a bikini, a person who looked like they crapped their pants (and smelled like it, too), and multiple men and women who don’t know how to properly use leopard print or camouflage, I believe a dress code would be a reasonable solution.

6: 12 p.m. Another hour wasted thinking about how much I hate life right now. The urge to play WoW returns. Oh, I just want to get on and kill people. Battlegrounds it is. Just a few hours tonight. Seriously. 11 pm I need to be in bed and asleep. I have class in again tomorrow FFS! So NO later.

3:34 a.m. Damn it.


Hillary Nicole