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Sylvari: A People Torn

David North Posted:
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Back before Guild Wars 2 was released the Sylvari were already captivating the minds of future players.  We had the chance to see the Sylvari undergo dramatic changes as more news poured out of the gates of ArenaNet into the internet.  When we finally got the chance to be one of these unique people, we found that they weren’t only visually stunning, but had an incredible story that will only get more complex with HoT. 

The world of the Tyria has always been a home to struggle.  Even if races aren’t at war with each other, the people of a single race can become divided, fighting for different beliefs.  The Charr, Humans, and even the knowledge seeking Asura all have warring factions within themselves.  The Sylvari race who has only just begun to walk on the surface of Tyria has suffered the same fate.  We’ve always wondered how the Sylvari and it’s two sides would affect the world, but we never knew things would come to this. 

The Pale Tree and the Nightmare Court have always been the two faces of the Sylvari coin.  The Pale Tree gives birth to new Sylvari, giving them meaning and purpose with a wild hunt.  The Nightmare Court choose the shadows, rejecting the rules and ideals of the Pale Tree, believing they were part of something else, something greater.  Many of us would have never connected them to the Elder Dragon Mordremoth before the events Scarlet put into motion, but here we are.  The Dragon is awake, and the ripple that once separated the Sylvari people may spread to the other races of Tyria.  

We all have one good reason not to trust the Sylvari.

During the last cinematic of the Living World season 2, we hear Rytlock, the Revenant shout that we cannot trust the Sylvari.  Knowledge of the Sylvaris true purpose seems to have spread, and it can indeed make one wonder if the Sylvari can be trusted.  Can the corruption of the dragon spread through the dreams, reclaiming the people of the forests?  I hope this becomes a very prominent theme in HoT, as the core game focused on trying to unify not only the guild Destiny's Edge, but also the people of Tyria to fight against Zhaitan.  Now we must fight to to keep that unification, otherwise we may be too weak. 

I’ll trust the word of anyone who has a fire sword, and has come back from the Mist.

The chance to meet new races, fight new enemies, and even the opportunity to slay an Elder Dragon are all great reason to be excited for the story, but here we have a race, scratch that, a playable race whose loyalty is in question!  Now there’s no way player Sylvari characters will be forced to fight against the rest of us.  Besides, we Charr would dice them up into a bunch of side salads!  But it will be interesting to see how the story will show us this struggle, and more importantly, how will we be a part of it.  Will we get to see how the Sylvari will take learning the truth of their existence?  Will we see more rebel against the Pale Tree, turning to nightmare, and even take up arms in the name of Mordremoth?  So many questions, and I hope we will get the answers. 

Don’t mess with me Sylvari, or I’ll dice you up!

The Sylvari may be stronger than we all think, especially for a race that’s not even 30 years old!  They may be able to unite, and grow even stronger despite the situation that’s being thrown their way.  Even though some have already turned to the nightmare, many still stand by the Pale Tree, embracing her as their mother.  Such compassion coming from a race  that was meant to serve an Elder Dragon should be a sign towards something.  Although I would like Treherne to turn traitor.  I really want to get revenge on him for stealing my personal story.

How do you think the Sylvari will handle discovering the truth about their connection to Mordremoth? Do you trust the Sylvari going into HoT?  Tell us what you’re thinking in the comments below.


David North