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Summerset is Nigh

Josh Hay Posted:
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Man, oh man, for us Elder Scrolls Online players we probably got some of the best news of the year. A new chapter is among us, May 21st (for PC), we will be going to Summerset Isles. There is a lot new and exciting content coming our way and I really just want to give you my take on all of this. Let’s do this shall we?

First, we get a whole new area to explore, which is probably the most exciting for me. When Morrowind came out I was stoked to really explore every inch of that zone and again I will be able to do so with Summerset. Along with that we get an Epic Storyline to complete. Again, I have talked about this in the past. I love the questing, I love the atmosphere it provides and the storylines that suck us in. Typically, I rush through content like this but with Morrowind and Clockwork City I took my time and really immersed myself within the content and it’s safe to say I really, really enjoyed myself.

By God almighty, we get a new Psijic combat line as well. We get new active, passive and ultimate abilities. I am so excited about this. We are not getting a new class, but we are getting something that is probably equal to that to me. Something new to master, something new to fiddle and theory craft with. I will be sure to give you guys and gals all my thoughts on the new Psijic line. I will be taking my time with this and fine tuning everything that will have to do with this new line. If you can’t tell by now, I am stoked.

Crafting Jewelry is now possible. This is something that I believe should have been added a long time ago. All those jewelry items I could have deconstructed or had taken up my inventory space just sold for petty gold. Now, we can put some good use to it! Better late than never though!

I’m excited to see how this one unfolds and see what powerful items we can make. Unfortunately, this does not come with the free base Update 18. To be able to craft these items you will need to purchase the Chapter. It’s a bummer but I can see why as well. I don’t know if I agree with it being a chapter-specific thing. I would have liked to see that part be in the base update. How do you all feel about that? Should the crafting upgrades like this be in the base free update for all players?

Cloudrest is the next 12-Man trial. I’m glad they are continuing with what they did with Clockwork City’s Asylum and allowing us to choose the difficulty. This was a unique thing and my guild and fellow players challenged ourselves with. Cloudrest will have a total of four bosses though. I’m hoping this will be more difficult than the Asylum. I don’t mind it being longer if it presents a challenge. We sort of blew through the Asylum.

Did you enjoy the kind of setup they did with the Asylum? Do you think they should continue like they are with Cloudrest? In the preview they did there will be challenging mechanics and amazing rewards. Four new sets will be released with Cloudrest. Along with “Perfected” versions. This is something I will be for sure attempting to get. They can only be obtained with doing the hardest difficulty. Challenged accepted ZoS. I’m ready for my time to be consumed and probably my mental state going away trying to get these. Are you ready?

Wrapping up, we have the base update that is adding something again I feel should have been added a while back: Gifting. We can now gift crown store items to other players. They state almost every item can be gifted and there are some conditions to apply so I am curious on what that means. Can we gift DLC? Can we gift Scrolls and such? I guess we will have to wait and see. What do you think the restrictions will be? Is there anything you would like to gift?

Daily logins are now becoming a thing. Yay, more incentive to login and play, but some people it will probably just be an incentive to login and logout.  I’m actually excited to see where this leads and hopefully we get some juicy rewards out of this. I just hope they don’t go route where the rewards are trash and it becomes something that we just ignore when we first login for the day. Daily battleground rewards are another thing coming as well. Maybe this will be another incentive for me to do some PvP? I don’t know with all the new things coming soon with Summerset Isles, I don’t know how PvP will settle in.

Summerset Isles is coming sooner than we think! May 21st for PC/MAC and June 5th for Xbox/PS4. What are you most excited for? I think I’m excited most for is the new Combat line and Epic Storyline. Leave your thoughts and expectations below, I am always reading the comments and look forward to seeing you all in the new Isles that await. Summer is Nigh! Let’s hope this next Chapter is as hype as I am making it out to be. Don’t let us down ZoS!


Josh Hay