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Paul Crilley Posted:
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As a very wise philosopher once said,

“The temperature's about 88

hop in the water plug just for old times sake.

Break to ya crib change your clothes once more

‘cause you're invited to a barbeque that's starting at 4.

Summer summer summertime

time to sit back and unwind.”

Ah, wise words. Wise words indeed. And what better way to introduce the next world event in the world of RIFT, namely that of Summerfest. This is going to be an annual holiday in the world of Telara, so every year you can get your swimming costumes on, fire up the barbie, drink some chilled beer and, you know, just kick back and relax while Crucia and Regulos have some downtime to plot their next move.

Lovely summer weather

Except if, like me, you live in the southern hemisphere. Where it’s winter.

But enough of my problems. Summerfest will be slightly different to the usual quest-oriented activities we’ve had in the past. This time the world event will encourage exploration, searching for hidden locations, taking part in scavenger hunts where you will have to solve riddles that lead to prizes. (New vanity pets, for one.) Hopefully you’ve got a good memory, as some of the riddles will relate to your past quests and leveling. You can grab these quests at the capital cities and also in the hedge mazes that are popping up at the capital cities.

NPCs will hand out daily quests inside these mazes, so you’d better get started. (And if you get a bit hot, you can hunt down a vendor who hands out snow cones. I searched, but couldn’t find one. So Caedryn pinched one from a small child.)

One of the great things about this event is that they have two sets of Scavenger hunts. One for the lower levels like me, and another for the level 50s and up. So I don’t need to stalk, er… politely ask for help from a higher level player. (Even though the names of the quests for the lower levels are somewhat… patronizing. Yes, I am taking part in The Little Scavenger Hunt. Sigh.)

The Maze of DOOOM! (Not really.)

So, once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more! Or, to put it simpler, into the maze I go. The first chap I come across is Dogen Deghoulash. He would like me to help him make some sandwiches. Simple enough, I suppose. To do this, I’ll need 10 Summer Sunfish and some Dough. Starting small with the quests there, aren't they?

Next up is Summer sunfishing. All I have to do here is catch another 10 Summer Sunfish. So that will be combined with the last quest. For my next quest, Darryl wants me to help him stomp bugs outside Sanctum. Usually his brother helps him, but seeing as his brother, has gone “to the other side” he needs help. Not sure if that means he’s died or joined the Defiant, but no matter. Out I go and jump on a few bugs.

Sneaky way of getting around the maze. Use your mount, it gets you higher up.

Nothing very challenging here, but next up is the main part of these Summerfest quests. The Little Scavenger Hunt. I need to track down Cledus Redfield, (he’s hanging around in Highglades Pass if you’re wondering). After he blathers on about fishing for a while, he tells me to “Seek Hylas near a vicious brigand, kidnapped people near at hand. A follower of Twyl, a green-flamed sconce is filled, he ponders in a fae dreamland.”

Well, that’s not too difficult is it? Remember that quest in Hedgerow Court? All the people getting kidnaped by the Fae? Yeah, that’s right. So Caedryn heads through the court, happily killing fairies and Aelfwar along the way, until he finds the spot where Makirn was hanging out.  (Not sure if he’s the follower of Twyl or the vicious brigand referenced in the riddle, actually). Anyway, Hylas is standing by the fence, staring thoughtfully over the land. I head on over and keep him company for a while.

"What you doin'?" "Nothin', just thinking about Elf stuff."

I give him his hug, and he’s rather surprised. As you would be, I suppose, if a random stranger comes up and invades your personal space. But instead of being angry, he’s sort of… grateful, in a pathetic way. "Oh! That was... unexpected, especially from one such as you. My shoulders bear a heavy burden, Ascended. Comfort is a rare commodity in these times. For your kindness, I give you a small boon. Now, begone."

First part done and dusted. Next up. Gloamwood. I seek out Asache the Woodsman on the Deepwood Trail. "Search Gloamwood for the Tree of Wisdom,” he says. “I know, I know... search a forest for a tree, but this isn't just any tree, Ascended. Trust me, find it and you will see."

Er… yeah, this one was a bit harder, because there’s no real riddle to solve. You’ve just got to wander about and hover the moue over trees until you find it. Took me a while, I can tell you.

Anyway, I’m not actually sure if I can complete the other parts of this Scavenger Hunt, because I haven’t actually explored a lot of the other areas. But I wanted to take part in a couple just so we could chat about it, you know? Otherwise, Caedryn would feel very left out. He’s won a few Summerfest Merit Badges already, so at least he’s done something. (Actually, on that subject, some of the other rewards for Summerfest are quite impressive. Epic weapons, appearance changing gems, new titles, new outfits. Oh, and hats. Caedryn might do a few more quests and try for the hat. He likes a good hat, does Caedryn.)

Next week… well, not sure really. Maybe more scavenger hunt, maybe Gloamwood quests. We'll see where the wind blows.


Paul Crilley