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Summer Has Arrived in Pirate101 With New Items

Kelsey Fireheart Posted:
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With the arrival of Valencia Part 2 in Pirate101's live realm, it's hopping in the Avery's office where a lot of pirates are eagerly grabbing new quests that will send them to the brand new Calabria Skyway. But it's not the ONLY new thing in Pirate101.

The Valencian Steed

This month, a lot of people have received the brand new Valencian Steed mount from a promotion that Pirate101 did last month. Unfortunately, this promotion is now officially ended as of May 31st which was a few weeks ago. But pirates who have purchased crowns or membership during the month of May now is a proud owner of a Valencian Steed. If you ever saw one in-game and wondered where they came from, now you know! I sure hope that you were one of the proud owners. I know I am!

The Summer Daisy Eyepatch

Summer has arrived with the Summer Daisy Eyepatch. It's now in the Crown Shop for 100 crowns which is like ten cents. Now you can walk around in style for the summer. Only if I could change my pirate's name to Daisy... 

Ranked PvP’s Summer Themed Items

Every season, Pirate101 switches out their PvP pets, weapons, mounts to match the current season in the year. And since it’s Summer, they have brought back the Summer themed weapons which looks pretty epic. They’re on fire… literally. They are categorized by Pirate’s level with 11 tiers from Level 0+ to Level 65+. But you are required to have the Champion PvP rank to buy any no matter what your Pirate’s level is at. At Level 0+, you can purchase a weapon for 100 scrip. At Level 60+, you can purchase a weapon for 4000 scrip. The 65+ weapons for some reason do not have any price label.

They have also brought back the Apex Sharks that are sorted by each Pirate101 class such as Swashbuckler, Musketeer, Privateer, Witchdoctor and Buccaneer. But what’s new this time is they have introduced two new gorilla PvP mounts. A month ago, they were introduced along with the Valencia Part 2. By then it was Spring and they were colored purple. But now since it’s the Summer season, they have replaced the Spring gorillas with the Summer gorillas which are colored yellow. As usual, the Gorilla Skirmisher costs 1000 scrip and requires the Gladiator PvP rank and the Gorilla Juggernaut requires 1250 scrip and requires the Hero PvP rank.

Not only that, they have introduced eight brand new never seen before cat thug PvP pets which are not categorized by class, but by PvP Ranks.

Say Hello to the Gritty Maxwell!

This means that you will have to earn scrip and earn the proper PvP Rank to be able to purchase the pets. The scrip price will increase from 25 scrip for the least expensive Cat Thug Contender pet which requires no rank up to 500 scrip for the Cat Thug Champion which requires the Champion PvP rank. I am quite curious to see if the champion Cat Thug holds some good talents that the other cheaper Cat Thugs do not have.

Pirate101's Special Promotion 

But if you're in need to buy some crowns along with a membership for Pirate101, please be aware that they have a special promotion that will last until June 28th at 11:59pm CST. You can buy a bundle that includes one year of Pirate101 membership plus 13,750 Crowns for $74.99. This way you can play Pirate101 and be able to buy the swanky Summer Daisy Eyepatch that you can show off along with any other stuff you might want to buy in their Crown Shop.

With the Summer season being officially here, I sure hope to see you all ride around in Valencia Part 2 on a Valencian Steed wearing a Summer Daisy Eyepatch. I sure know I will be. See you around in the Spiral!


Kelsey Fireheart