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Star Trek Fleet Command Review: A New Era in Star Trek Mobile Gaming

Christopher Bowman Posted:
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Red alert! Red alert! All hands to battle stations, we are being boarded! You hear as the alarm klaxons start going off all around you. An explosion rocks your ship that knocks you from your post. It was a Klingon attack on the outer colonies. The Klingons want to take the area of space for themselves and so they are attacking the Starbase. This is our review for Star Trek Fleet Command.

From Scopely comes Star Trek Fleet Command. Fleet Command is a strategy game in the same vein as Clash of Clans where you build up your Starbase (city) and level up your ships with officers, new weapons and tech, and building newer bigger ships as you level up. There are several different aspects to the game which makes it fun, and a few things that would be better for my kind of Trek game. We will discuss a few of those items now.

So as you start the game, you get thrown into a tutorial with a basic ship. They walk you through how to build your base, how to move around the map, how to attack targets, and everything else you need to know to get started right away. For the base building, you have areas set aside for mineral factories, for command, for research and development, and for your fleet hanger. Start by leveling up a few of your buildings to begin the process of upgrading your Starbase to get the best ships and tech available. There is a research tree that is available after you build your base up to a certain level, and researching is the only way to really get the ability to upgrade to new ships. You have to get their schematics through research to build the nicer ships like the Enterprise and other races ships as well.

When it comes to upgrading your ship, you will upgrade parts to be able to level up the ship itself. You can upgrade your shields, your warp drive, and your pulsed energy weapons on the first ship. This will help you progress through the early game until you begin your research process to obtain your second ship, and third, and so on and so forth. To upgrade the level of your ship you will need ship experience points which are obtained through battling enemy NPCs. To upgrade your ship parts you will need to obtain explorer parts, and these are also obtained through battling.

When it comes to battles, you will want to make sure that your attack strength is stronger than the ship you are attacking. When you tap on the enemy ship it gives you the option to scan the ship or attack it. Scanning the ship allows you to see its strength and defense versus your strength and defense. It also shows you the potential rewards you will reap upon destroying said enemy. The movement system is pretty easy as well to get to your targets, just tap the target on the screen and click go. It will fly you to the enemy and then you can attack. This works the same way with traveling to other planets for missions.

This game has story-based missions that are based around the Kelvin Timeline movies and you are basically a free agent. This means you aren’t affiliated with anyone and so you will do missions for Romulans, Klingons, and other races as you make your way through the story. You will find out quickly that your crew resembles people from the Kelvin Universe also. Just open it up and take a look at the officers as you fill your crew to give your ship bonuses.

You definitely don’t need to play this game alone either. Fleets are available for you to join. Whether you want to join a pre-existing fleet or make your own, the choice is yours. If you have friends make your own fleet so that you can all have fun together. There are bonuses and market items you can buy with enough put into your fleet as well. Speaking of market, there are crates in the game but you don’t need to buy them. These crates I am referring to are free crates. One for every 10 minutes. One for every 4 hours, and there are more as you level up. I have seen a 24-hour crate at this point.

Overall, as far as Star Trek games go this is definitely different than most of the games I am used to. With Star Trek Starfleet Academy and Starfleet Command being two of my favorite games, this one takes a Clash of Clans perspective which is fun and gives you a good story to play. The game is available for iOS and Android devices. Do you have what it takes to build up your fleet and Starbase? Come join me in the fun.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on an Android Galaxy S8+ with an early press download provided by PR.


  • Real Time Battles
  • Great story missions
  • Interact with Kelvin Timeline Characters


  • Battle Scenes would be nice
  • Only slight differences from other games of its type.


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