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Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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I think we've all been there. You're staring down a boss when all of a sudden he/she whips out THAT spell. Yes, THAT one. Now, the word "that" could be replaced by pretty much any spell depending on who you're talking to, but today I'm listing the top 5 spells that I personally dread seeing. Here we go!

5. Call of Khrulhu

No, this spell isn't on the list because of its casting time (KI fixed that!). Compared to the rest of the spells on this list, I'll admit that this one isn't too bad. However, if I'm extremely close to defeating a boss and Lulu rears his head, I know the battle is going to last at least a little bit longer. I'm never too happy when that 100 health boss turns back into 1,000. So close ... yet so far.

4. Medusa

A lot can happen in two rounds, so a well-timed Medusa can really change the course of a battle. I guess that's why I only like seeing it when I'm the one using it. In the past, unlucky Medusas have caused me defeat, delay, and disappointment. This spell can especially cause some damage in PvP if I'm caught without a stun shield. 

3. Efreet

They say not to trust genies, and this one is no exception. Efreet leaves a whopping -90% weakness on the targeted opponent. Not that bad if you have a cleanse handy or even a few rounds to find a wand hit to clear it. However, I always seem to be the unlucky one who's hit with an Efreet the very round I hit. I can add that to my list of why going second isn't ideal.

2. Earthquake

As much as I love being a myth student, it's a little stressful dealing with myth enemies who resist me AND can cast Earthquake. You see, I love blades. They make me powerful. I get a little cranky when they're ripped away from me. Not only is that rude, but it also costs me time. My enemies are only delaying their demise anyway ... so what's the point?

1. Glowbug Squall

Glowbug Squall is like Earthquake, but ten times worse. Not only do I lose my blades (the precious!), but depending on who I'm fighting, there's also a good chance I'll die in the process. Believe me, don't fall for their tricks! These bugs may look all cute and harmless, but they pack a gigantic punch. And to think I used to like glowbugs ...

As always, this list is subjective. I'm sure there are spells out there that many of you find annoying that I didn't list. That's completely fine! If you disagree with me, or just want to add onto the list, feel free to share what spells you dread in the comments below. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to stock up on Vaporize and Dissipate so I can avoid those glowbugs and earthquakes.


Vanessa Mythdust