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Some of the Best Gaming Deals for the Weekend

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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With Black Friday around the corner and lots of holiday deals coming into the game market we thought to share some of the options on the site this week. If you are a hardcore gamer and want to upgrade your PC here are some ideas for you next week.

We will start with hardware deals and as always our friends at Maingear offer some great pricing on top computers:

If it is just some parts you need, then check out some of the offers below.

If you are looking for game deals, check no further than Steam with their annual winter sale. Perhaps it is time to try out that MMO or RPG you have been waiting on.

In the same set up as Steam, GOG.com has some winter plans for you as well:

And while it's not a deal, if you're still on the fence about Elder Scrolls Online, it's hosting a F2P weekend on PS4 and PC this weekend.

While everyone else goes out over the next week to eat turkey and shop, you can stay in and play some great games. Perhaps you’d like to take a trip to the store and have a look around. All of the major electronic retailers will have deals next week. If staying in is more your speed then Cyber Monday will benefit you most. Check back next Friday as we will highlight a bunch of Cyber Monday deals on the site as they're announced.


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