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Six Games You've Never Heard Of

William Murphy Posted:
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Do you realize that there are over 400 games on our Game List?  Now I know they’re not all “true” MMORPGs (whatever that means anymore), but we feel that the games listed have at least some merit to our readership.  Now this List isn’t trying to say that you need to go play these games posthaste.  I’m certainly not going to recommend you go spend all your hard-earned cash on them.  I’m just merely pointing out a few titles I noticed that took me by surprise when perusing the Game List myself this past Saturday.  If you ever want to find something you haven’t played… that’s probably your best bet.  So let’s cut the chitchat and get down to business.  Here are six games I’d never heard of before viewing the Game List, and feel free to offer your thoughts on them below.  Heck, even toss in a few gems of your own, especially if we’re missing them on our Game List!

6.) Gaia’s zOMG!

While it’s no longer in beta testing, Gaia’s first foray into the MMO world is a casual browser-based addiction that has players fighting against maniacal garden gnomes and other formerly inanimate objects.  With beautiful hand-painted backgrounds, and a quasi-overhead view (think Diablo 1 and 2), zOMG! plays like any number of dungeon-crawlers, but never once does it strive to take itself too seriously.  There’s even a player-housing feature for all those collect-a-holics out there. 

5.) 3000AD’s Galactic Command Online

Though its website has been dead for a little while which is troubling, I’m keeping my eye on this game which is based upon the titular IP.  Apparently delving into both space warfare and planetary combat, GCO is still targeted for a 2011 release.  The infamous Derek Smart is involved, and so I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before we hear more than we ever wanted to hear about this one.  Still, the concept is strong, and I’m anxious to see it in practice.

4.) World of the Living Dead

Now here’s an odd one.  Blending RTS elements in the MMO concept, WotLD (Wrath of the Lich Ding?) is using text and Google maps to drive their upcoming survival horror concept.  Though it’s mostly text-based in nature, that doesn’t stop the idea of putting real world locations and theoretical zombie invasions to good use from being an awesome experiment.  Keep your eyes on this one.  It could be your next iPhone addiction.

3.) Empire & State

Are you the kind of MMO player who prefers to organize things, more than go out and actually kill stuff?  Does the meta-game of any title tend to interest you more than the actual act of questing and dungeon-running?  Is a weekend spent managing your Sim City the ultimate height of pleasure for you?  If you answered yes to any of that, Empire & State might be up your alley.  Currently looking for beta testers, E&S is all about the rise to power through politics, commerce, or sheer thuggery… heck a mix of all three is probably needed to really make a name for yourself.  The concept is exciting on paper, and hopefully we’ll be seeing more of the game in coming months. 

2.) Dead Frontier

Is the zombie thing a bit played out?  Probably, but I still love bursting the noggins of undead, so Dead Frontier is something I immediately latched onto.  A top-down shooter MMO, with persistent character advancement, tons of weapons, and Smash TV reminiscent PvP, this is a game I could see myself playing a lot.  Currently in the Open Beta phase, Creaky Corpse plans on fully launching their free action horror MMO sometime this year.  There is an option “gold” subscription package for $7.95, but the developers promise it’s nothing you need to enjoy some undead killing action.

1.) Wizards and Champions

This independently developed MMORPG is probably a long ways off, as it’s seemingly designed by one guy, but I’ll be damned if his design theory isn’t sounding good to me.  It’s essentially sounding like something one would get if the Elder Scrolls series were made into an MMO.  Non-instanced dungeons, twitchier combat, and a massive over-world with hundreds of dungeons to explore sounds fantastic… if he can pull it off. 


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