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Exclusive Columns

Columnists - Fair Game

In this bi-weekly column, industry pundit Lisa Jonte muses on the major issues surrounding MMOs, gaming, and the world at large.

Guilds, How to Make Friends and Influence People

General - Columns

Guilds are an integral part of most MMOs but there is a right way and, conversely, a wrong way to go about putting a guild together. Read our latest Fair Game to find out more. Leave your thoughts on guilds in the comments.Posted Dec 14, 2013 by Lisa Jonte

DIY Leftover Warfare

General - Columns

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it's time to deal with the leftovers from the massive slaughter of a meal. In today's Fair Game, we offer a few ideas on how a gamer can deal with the day after. Read on!Posted Nov 29, 2013 by Lisa Jonte

Fight for Your Right to Cosplay

General - Columns

Cosplay is a growing industry withing the overall game space, and in MMOs in particular. In today's Fair Game, we take a look at how one can get started in cosplay. See what we have to say before revealing your plan in the comments.Posted Nov 15, 2013 by Lisa Jonte

Checking in with G.I.R.L. Scholarship Winner, Esther Wu

General - Interviews

Every year, Sony Online Entertainment opens up the "Gamers in Real Life" (G.I.R.L.) scholarship contest. We managed to catch up to this year's recipient, Esther Wu, to find out more about her plans for the future. Read on and then tell us what you think in the comments.Posted Nov 1, 2013 by Lisa Jonte

The End is Not Remotely Nigh

General - Previews

People have been sounding the death knell for the MMO genre for years but is it a reality, a thing certain to occur somewhere in the misty future? In today's Fair Game, we take a look at the notion. See if you agree with our assessment before heading to the comments.Posted Oct 18, 2013 by Lisa Jonte


General - Columns

MMOs are a great training ground for this weird thing we call Life. Really. No, really. If you don't believe, you need to read our latest Fair Game column to find out how the games we play can teach us about Life and, just maybe, vice versa. Read on and then head to the comments.Posted Oct 4, 2013 by Lisa Jonte

Why Do We Play MMOs?

General - Columns

There seem to be several common reasons why we play the games we love. In today's Fair Game, we take a look at the most common of those reasons and expound on each a bit. See if you agree with our choices before heading to the comments.Posted Sep 20, 2013 by Lisa Jonte

When Your MMO Makes You MM-Motionsick

General - Columns

Ever had one of those way-too-real moments in gaming when the motion makes your stomach turn? We take a look at how to combat those real life symptoms in our virtual worlds in today's Fair Game. Read on and then tell us about your favorite remedies in the comments.Posted Sep 6, 2013 by Lisa Jonte

When Evil = DNA

General - Columns

Evil is an integral part of every MMO we play. Whether it's gnolls or trolls or demons, there is evil afoot in every game. In our latest Fair Game column, we take a look at the notion of evil. See if you agree before heading to the comments to chat it up.Posted Aug 23, 2013 by Lisa Jonte

Anticipating The Sims 4

General - Columns

It's hard to believe that The Sims is ready for its fourth iteration but it's true! In today's Fair Game, we talk about why this is a big deal and something to look forward to playing. No. Really. You'll have to read it to believe it before adding your thoughts to the comments.Posted Aug 9, 2013 by Lisa Jonte

How to Comic-Con

General - Columns

Any city's Comic-Con is a unique breed unto itself. Comic-Cons aren't just another gaming convention either. In our latest Fair Game column, we take a look at the best way to "Comic-Con". See what you think before heading to the comments to discuss the article.Posted Jul 26, 2013 by Lisa Jonte

A Noob’s Guide to Just About Everything

General - Columns

Let's face it: We were all noobs at one time or another. Is there a protocol that noobs should follow on entering a game? See what we think in this week's Fair Game. Let us know your noob stories in the comments.Posted Jul 12, 2013 by Lisa Jonte

An Open Letter to the Game Industry

General - Columns

The ongoing conversation among MMO gamers is whether or not their favorite titles have become to "dumbed down" and casual. In an open letter to the gaming industry, we vent on the issues that vex us the most in an attempt to make our voices heard. Read on and then add anything we missed in the comments.Posted Jun 28, 2013 by Lisa Jonte

Pop Culture in World Building

General - Columns

Pop culture defines much of our daily life, from the music we hear to the TV shows we watch to the games we play. But do games adequately represent pop culture? Find out what we think in today's Fair Game. Head to the comments to continue the discussion.Posted Jun 14, 2013 by Lisa Jonte

Stereotyping Men in Videogames

General - Columns

It's no secret that women's roles in the gaming industry and in games themselves have been a big part of the news this past year. But what about stereotypical males roles? In Fair Game today, we take a look at that. See what you think before heading to the comments.Posted May 31, 2013 by Lisa Jonte

Gamer vs. Non-Gamer

General - Columns

In this week's Fair Game, Lisa Jonte takes a look at the relationship between someone who games and loves the pasttime and someone who just doesn't get it. Read her tips for survival in that sort of scenario, and be sure to offer your own thoughts in the comments.Posted May 17, 2013 by Lisa Jonte

On the Subject of Paladins

General - Columns

Paladins are everybody's favorite good guy to pick on in most MMOs. But what are paladins? What makes them tick? How true are those found in games compared to paladins in history? Find out in today's Fair Game before heading to the comments.Posted May 3, 2013 by Lisa Jonte

Cultural Reference, Localization & Assumed Knowledge

General - Columns

The games we played are filled with all sorts of symbolism that pertains to the worlds we inhabit. What is sometimes overlooked however, are the cultural symbols that slip in, localization issues and assuming that the whole world thinks the way the dev team does. Check out our latest Fair Game column to weigh our thoughts before leaving your own in the comments.Posted Apr 19, 2013 by Lisa Jonte

The 12 Least Popular Game Innovations of All Time

General - Columns

When is an innovation not an innovation? When everyone hates it, some of you undoubtedly answered. In today's Fair Game column, we take a look at some of the worst innovations in gaming history. See if you agree before adding your thoughts to the list in the comments.Posted Apr 5, 2013 by Lisa Jonte

MMO Design and Mickey’s 10 Commandments

General - Columns

Making a great MMO is not an easy task. But there are ten things that every game designer should pay attention to in order to stand a better chance at success. See what those ten things are and then discuss them in the comments.Posted Mar 22, 2013 by Lisa Jonte

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