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Exclusive Columns

Columnists - Michael Bitton's Community Manager Michael Bitton gives us his thoughts and opinions on the happenings in and around the world of MMORPGs.

PAX East Approaches!

General - Columns

The gaming show season truly kicks off this week with PAX East in Boston, and as always we’ll be covering all the stuff you care about at the show. With PAX just days away, I wanted to take some this week to highlight some of the things I’m looking forward to most at the show.Posted Apr 9, 2014 by Michael Bitton

The Superheroic MOBA

Infinite Crisis - Columns

Games like SMITE change things up from the League formula by offering a unique third person perspective, but you don’t necessarily have to change things that much to create a satisfying experience, and that’s where Turbine’s Infinite Crisis comes in for me. Posted Apr 2, 2014 by Michael Bitton

The ESO Post-Launch Wishlist

Elder Scrolls Online - Columns

Yep. We aren’t even live yet and I’m already looking ahead to what’s next for The Elder Scrolls Online. That’s not to say that I feel the game is deficient in launch features, but half the excitement of playing a new MMO is pondering about where it will go next. I’ve got a couple of things I’d like to see, so let’s jump into it.Posted Mar 29, 2014 by Michael Bitton

League's Team Builder is Promising

League of Legends - Columns

I love League of Legends, but it’s no secret that the game’s community can be incredibly toxic. I’ve been playing LoL since beta and every couple of months I have to take a break from the game as I can only take so much toxicity. Last year, I decided to take a break between Season 3 and Season 4, but then I learned of Riot Games’ plan to implement a Team Builder feature that endeavored to help address one of the primary sources of toxicity in League of Legends: champion select. Posted Mar 12, 2014 by Michael Bitton

ESO's Addon Conundrum

Elder Scrolls Online - Columns

Traditionally, at least for the MMO genre, the more information available to players via the game’s UI, the better. As a result, MMO UI designs often end up being deficient in some way, and depending on how much foresight the developers had, the UI is maligned and rigidly remains as is, or the UI is moddable and the player community releases a slew of mods to shore things up. Posted Mar 5, 2014 by Michael Bitton

Will Darkness Fall on the Imperial City?

Elder Scrolls Online - Columns

If you tried to enter the Imperial City in Cyrodiil during any of the recent Elder Scrolls Online beta tests, you were probably disappointed to find out that it wasn’t actually possible to do so. While you get to fight a dramatic looking Daedric Titan at the entrance, defeating said Titan will only lead you to a passage blocked off by a (lethal) magical barrier. It’s clear that Zenimax Online is reserving this space for something significant, but what? Posted Feb 20, 2014 by Michael Bitton

ESO: It’s The Little Things

Elder Scrolls Online - Columns

Last week, the press was finally given an opportunity to weigh in on The Elder Scrolls Online with a torrent of previews that flooded the interwebs. The response was decidedly mixed overall, but personally, I can say I’m a fan of what I’ve played so far. Even after putting in time for my previews, I played quite a bit more of ESO over this past weekend and I found myself consistently surprised at all the little things that added up to make an experience I was already enjoying even better.Posted Feb 12, 2014 by Michael Bitton

Final Fantasy Returns with...Bravely Default?

General - Columns

There’s an Elder Scrolls Online beta weekend coming up this Friday and while I would normally be excited to get in and play, I’m even more excited to finally get my hands on Bravely Default, which releases in North America on the same day. Posted Feb 5, 2014 by Michael Bitton

Why You Should Give Marvel Heroes Another Look

General - Columns

When we gave Marvel Heroes a 5.6 in our review last June, the game most certainly deserved it. In fact, when I first saw MH at a game convention around six months before launch, I thought it looked terrible. I eventually got a chance to play in the beta and the game was definitely rough, but I could see the potential as it improved towards launch. Still, those improvements weren’t enough, and the game launched a hot mess.Posted Jan 15, 2014 by Michael Bitton

My Take on the 'Big Three' MMOs of 2014

General - Columns

Last week, we discussed why 2014 would be an awesome year for MMOs. The big three MMO releases of the year were mentioned, but took a backseat to some other interesting developments. Today, community manager Mike Bitton offers his take on the three AAA MMOs we're all watching closely.Posted Jan 8, 2014 by Michael Bitton

2014: A Big Year for MMOs

General - Columns

2013 wasn't an incredibly exciting time for the MMO genre, but 2014 is poised to be an incredible year by comparison. Read on to find out why!Posted Jan 2, 2014 by Michael Bitton

Excited for Starbound

General - Columns

It's not an MMO, but it is a sandbox. Community Manager Michael Bitton finds himself excited for Starbound and shares his thoughts on why.Posted Dec 4, 2013 by Michael Bitton

Taking Galactic Starfighter for a Spin

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Columns

We took Galactic Starfighter, the upcoming digital expansion to Star Wars: The Old Republic, for a spin on the game's public test server and today we're offering our thoughts.Posted Nov 27, 2013 by Michael Bitton

My First BlizzCon

General - Columns

What was our Community Manager MikeB's first BlizzCon experience like? Did he wind up with the Con-Plague? Read on to find out!Posted Nov 20, 2013 by Michael Bitton

On Hating Warcraft and Loving Hearthstone

Hearthstone - Columns

Is it possible to hate Warcraft and yet love Hearthstone? It sure seems like it! Read on for our thoughts.Posted Nov 6, 2013 by Michael Bitton

‘Villains’ to Add to Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes Omega - Columns

We offer up a shortlist of playable villains we'd like to see in Marvel Heroes. Read on for our list and share your own with us in the comments!Posted Oct 23, 2013 by Michael Bitton

Excited for LoL's Team Builder

League of Legends - Columns

Riot Games unveiled the League of Legends Team Builder queue yesterday and we can't wait for it to hit live servers! Get our take and read on for more about Team Builder.Posted Oct 16, 2013 by Michael Bitton

Not Quite Jump to Lightspeed, But I’ll Take It

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Columns

Yesterday, BioWare unveiled "Galactic Starfighter", the second digital expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic. We offer our thoughts on the announcement in our latest SWTOR column.Posted Oct 9, 2013 by Michael Bitton

Sweet Christmas! It's Patch 1.3!

Marvel Heroes Omega - Interviews

Sweet Christmas! Marvel Heroes patch 1.3 dropped recently and we've got the all the details straight from the mouth of creative director Jeff "Doomsaw" Donais. Posted Oct 2, 2013 by Michael Bitton

FFXIV: Improving the Summoner Feel

Final Fantasy XIV - Columns

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is an overall awesome experience, but the feel of the Summoner Job can be a bit underwhelming. This week, we offer up some suggestions on how to improve one of the game's most iconic Jobs.Posted Sep 25, 2013 by Michael Bitton