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Revel in The Clockwork

Josh Hay Posted:
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Clockwork City is finally upon us and is the newest DLC to be released for Elder Scrolls Online. There are a lot of changes that I will be going over, so please grab some popcorn and enjoy the ride.

I will start off with this: The new content is a lot of fun and is a great addition. Everything about the storyline is well made and I have enjoyed it immensely so far. ZOS is committed to making quality content and they balance quality and quantity very well.

The CP cap has been raised once again to 660 and as much as I wish it would have been raised higher, it’s still an increase that allows me to feel fulfilled while I grind away in the new content and through the new trials. The new delves are a pleasure to complete too. While there are only two in this DLC, it’s still content to complete and if you are a completion junkie like me, you have to do them. Nothing is skipped, no stone unturned, right?

This isn’t a content-filled DLC even though it does add some new things to discover and complete. Altogether, however, it’s not adding a lot. What it does add though is fairly substantial. Although it hasn’t impacted how I play the core of the game as much as I would have hoped, I think farther down the line it will.

I spoke briefly in my last post about the new transmute system. I wasn’t a huge fan of it in days past. I have tinkered with it now that the DLC has arrived and realize what it really does. I have come to appreciate it more. Is it something I will continue to use? Probably, though I’m still learning all about it.

I’m really enjoying the new daily quests and equipment to craft. A lot of my guild mates have already obtained most of the new equipment added. We have a few no-lifers in my guild and it’s fun to see them march through the content. My suggestion to you, however, would be take your time with all the new things. It’s one of the lessons we should all take to heart, no matter the game.

I’m not much a huge PvP player, but for the sake of seeing what the new Crazy King was all about, it was actually enjoyable. I have to say that this surprised me. I am all for adding a Battle Royale feature into ESO to add more flavor. I wonder how well that would be received?

A lot of class changes were introduced into the base game as well. The Warden got a lot of much needed love. I’ve written some about what the Warden needs and in this DLC they made some changes that go towards accomplishing those needs. I have done a bit of testing with the new changes and found that they are better, though still need some fine tuning. I would love to see more healing changes, wouldn’t you?

I agree with Bill’s review of Clockwork City. He hit the nail on the head with all of his points. He spoke about the story-based content being as great as the others. I love how much detail and story goes into all of the quests and stories. Elder Scrolls is one of the few games that I follow each quest as well as read dialogue, devour the books and try to figure all the puzzles out without the almighty Google.

One of the biggest criticisms I have for this DLC, and some of the others, is how small they are. This is why I tell everyone to take their time and explore. This to fight just blasting through the content and being left wanting more and honestly only getting less. I hope in future releases they will provide more content. Granted, I love the detail put into the story, but I would just love to see even more being added.

I feel that if that is my only criticism, then we are doing pretty well, right? Sotha Sil’s world is pretty amazing so far and I am sure that as I delve deeper into transmuting and participate in even more PVP, I will like it even more.

As this is the end of new ESO content for 2017, what could come for us in 2018? It’s a mystery for me. However, I would I like to see Morrowind expand, if possible. Though I have loved the lore and everything about that expansion, I would love to see another expansion happen in 2018. It will more than likely happen and that I am excited about it.

What would you all like to see in future DLCs and expansions? 


Josh Hay