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Returning to Tyria - A Band of Merry Revenants

Hannah Richardson-Lewis Posted:
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My unhappiness with Guild Wars 2 since coming back to the game has been crystal clear. I have tried playing my old characters, blasting through the expansion content, so I decided to try a new character entirely, as the characters I had at high level were obviously not doing it for me. My class of choice was the newest of the bunch. The Revenant.

When Heart of Thorns launched last year, I made my Revenant right away with the extra character slot that came along with the expansion. I have a bit of an obsession with character creators and I’m often deleting and recreating the characters on my Guild Wars 2 account that haven’t had much play-time yet, so naturally that was one of the very first things I did. I never played her, however. I had tested the class during one of the Heart of Thorns beta events and found it frustrating to play, but that was then, this was many patches later.

She didn’t need to go back through the character creator as I am so often known to do (though I honestly wouldn’t say no to a Total Makeover Kit, I may have a slight problem), so I logged in and checked what I had in my bank. Lo and behold, there was a level 30 Character Boost tome sat there unused and gathering dust, and I didn’t want to linger around in Queensdale any longer than necessary. Thus, I figured I would make the most of my time with my new Revenant and give her a head start, and after equipping her with level-appropriate items from the Trading Post, I took off into Queensdale to unlock waypoints, Hero Points, and see just how she played before deciding which zone to level in. I was not disappointed.

With a full bar of attacks and abilities unlocked, I found that the Revenant feels very versatile. I tried a few different weapon combos, namely the Hammer, Mace/Sword, Sword/Sword, and Staff, and each weapon-set felt like just the thing I look for in a melee class; powerful. With the ability to leap into combat dropping a wave of damage on a group of enemies and then become a whirling dervish of death with a simple weapon-switch, the Revenant is a wonderful class for bringing the pain and while I haven’t tried her out in PvP or WvW just yet, I can only imagine how fun this class must be when set against other players.

I was pretty quickly swooped upon by two friends while staring at a couple of Mentors in map chat. We roamed around Queensdale for a little while longer before becoming ever so slightly bored of everything just keeling over upon being so much as nudged. We decided to try our luck in the Harathi Hinterlands, a few levels higher than two of us, though at this point we were three Revenants and thus triple the firepower. And I must say, it was nice to feel challenged on the odd occasion that we got split up. Even so, I didn’t die and I loved the amount of control the Revenant wields. In fact my biggest complaint is the lack of run speed, and as complaints go, that is a pretty minor one. As somebody who mostly plays MMORPGs with mounts and sprint mechanics, running around in a group of three Revenants with no run speed buffs whatsoever felt slow. The “whirling dervish of death” part made up for it, though, and honestly even at this low level, the class is already several steps ahead of any other class I have put any amount of time into playing in Guild Wars 2 thus far and may well get some decent leveling attention in the future.

We couldn’t leave it there without a visit to Genderran Fields’ dear old Leyline Anomaly, though. This was the first time I had ever seen the encounter, and hopefully my last. It’s safe to say that I do not enjoy boss fights that have you chasing a boss that runs a fair bit faster than you do, and fighting adds while he stands there immune to all damage. Leaping after him was pretty fun, though.

The Revenant was a lot of fun but with that said, I still have an unused level 80 boost on my account and still haven’t put much time into Necromancer, Engineer, Thief, Warrior, or Guardian. After pondering over the best class for “murdination” and having it pointed out that I can use the boost and try the class out in the Silverwastes before locking it in, I think that may well be my goal for this week. I have my sights set on the Necromancer, because who doesn’t want to see a tiny little Asura wielding the powers of Death itself? But I am, as ever, open to suggestions.

What kind of fun have you had while playing a Revenant? Let us know in the comments!


Hannah Richardson-Lewis