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Random Thoughts: Team Racing and Myth Minions

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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Some of the best ideas come when you're least expecting them. I was hanging out on TheArtofWarlord's birthday stream over the weekend, and we discussed (what we thought) were some pretty cool Wizard101 ideas. Two big ones were team derby racing and expanded myth minions.

Team Derby Racing

I've actually seen this idea floating around the derby community here and there, but I'll describe it in detail here. Currently, derby matches only hold up to 4 individual racers. Wizard101 Central has experimented with unofficial team derby tournaments in the past, but wouldn't it be neat to see something similar in game?

I know it's a long shot given derby's very unpopular state, but bear with me. Imagine being able to race with friends - on the same side! Just not side by side. Morgrim and I both imagined derby team racing as a "pass the baton" type thing. Meaning, each teammate would race a different stretch of the track. Add in derby spectator mode (pretty please KI?) and team racing could look pretty legit.

Yes, I know I'm getting my hopes up and will ultimately be letdown ... but let me have my delusions!

Controllable Myth Minions

Compared to the first idea, I think this one has a much stronger possibility of becoming a reality. It's no secret that myth isn't the most popular school. In fact, I'd bet that it's the least popular. So how can we change that? Well, how about giving myth wizards the ability to do something that I've always wanted to - control minions. You see, the myth school is supposed to be THE minion school. Although Monstrology seemed to put a little more emphasis on myth minions, I think we need to take an extra step. If myth wizards are intended to be the masters of illusion and summoning beasts, wouldn't it make sense to assume that they'd also know how to properly tame and control those beasts?

Moreso than the other schools at the very least. That's why I think it would be completely logical and acceptable to give just myth wizards the power to control what their minions cast. As a result, perhaps the myth school would become a bit more enticing. I'd love to see more of Cyrus Drake's students running around.

What Wizard101 ideas have randomly jumped into your head? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Vanessa Mythdust