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Raiding and Questing in Draenor

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There are several new changes coming to the way players will quest and manage their adventures. These changes are substantial quality of life improvements and also serve as a way to help players find the most relevant content for them at any given time.

The first notable change is an enhanced quest tracker and map UI that will add tremendous convenience to the questing process. The new quest log will now organize quests into two categories, main storyline quests and side quests. The new UI will inform players of how many key story quests they have completed and how many are left for each zone. This will insure that players get all the important story beats - and potential items - before moving on to a new zone. The new quest tracker will also inform players of where to go next in the event that they accidentally abandon a quest and forgot where they originally picked it up.

Quest items and rewards are also being tweaked a bit. Items that are required to complete quests will no longer take up inventory space and will be linked directly in the quest tracker UI. The days of searching for that pesky quest item or accidentally deleting it are over! Quest rewards will for the most part remain as they are now with some quests offering items based on your class spec or a fixed item reward. However, quests will now have the potential of randomly awarding rare or epic items as well.

Just like Mists of Pandaria, Warlords will also feature an expansion long Legendary questline. I was a big fan of this in Mists as it provided a rewarding, long-term goal for my characters while providing a sort of “B” storyline through all of the content that was released.

But wait, there’s more. Warlords will bring more dynamic events and treasures to be found both at endgame and while leveling in Draenor similar to what we saw on the Timeless Isle. Expect to stumble upon interesting quests and side stories during your adventure that aren’t always readily apparent. The exciting prospect for me is that this will lead to more potential rewards for simple exploration which I already love to do.

For many of you, here is some wonderful news: One big change that was met with great applause at BlizzCon was the announcement that very little, if any, of the content to be delivered in Warlords will come in the form of daily quests. Does this mean most of the endgame content will be in the form of dynamic quests like on the Timeless Isle or is there something else Blizzard has in store for us?

As you can probably guess, I’m really excited for all of these changes. The updated quest tracking alone will be a large improvement for many as you will no longer have to worry about missing out on cool story moments or key rewards.

Let me know what your thoughts on these changes are in addition to any quality of life changes you’d like to see Blizzard add to the game in the comments below.

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