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Quality of Rift Prime Life

Kelley Kiwi Posted:
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Rift Prime is three weeks old tomorrow and in today’s Prime Progression report we get up close and personal about the QOL (quality of life) aspects of Vigil.


Straight into the hot topics in the community for the last two weeks we bounce between ability lag and disconnects, on top of who deserves the nerf hammer! No one was surprised with Rogue soul Saboteur and Mage soul, Mystic Archer being patched last week however these changes had fingers pointing over at the Cleric and why it didn’t also have the same fate. I have to admit, as a Cleric since 2011, I experienced a tinge of pride I haven’t felt since Inquisicar 2014 never thinking I would see the day again that Clerics would need to be scaled down. In PvP Defiler is extremely strong but its Sentinel that had everyone up in arms as this healing soul decided to out damage DPS souls! The strength of this soul is so powerful a swift, sharp sword was waved disabling it, until the hammer no doubt finds it’s fateful place.

Optimism on how fast Trion Worlds is moving to fix issues on Prime is beginning to build after long spells of what has seemed like inaction to many over the years, especially where class balance and PvP are concerned.


It is becoming increasingly clear since Rift Prime began how intricate class balance truly is with Warriors seeming to be the least enjoyed especially in our guild of 700+ active members. MMORPG’s as a whole regularly have balance issues when trying to deliver content to both PvE and PvP players, however Rift Prime is quickly turning out to be a magnifying glass over this issue as the community pushes levels in such a short span of time encouraging the old and new to meet head on. I can’t help but wish I could play Primalist to also see how this soul fits among the first four in the Prime manner.

Personally, I am having a blast in PvP warfronts again - along with world content. Reaching for level 35 I am not leveling as fast as I would like to but I am ok with that as I choose to PvP and raid Rift to farm planarite and favor. I have mainly been a dungeon crawler for the last 5 characters I have leveled in Rift but this time around I don’t feel any pull to jump in, especially since my play style has changed which see’s me being afk often. I would dance on a mailbox if I could spend my  Individual Reward Charges on warfronts!

I’ve said it before and will more than likely say it again but the lure of zone events is just so great to experience again as well as rifts themselves. Seeing so many players at every boss, banners dropping and pets crowding is Rift nostalgia at its finest! I smile every time but how about that ability lag and those disconnects I mentioned at the beginning?

Looks like Trion Worlds is on to it and we can keep our fingers crossed these solutions are what will keep our NA and EU community hyped as we wait anxiously for news on the first Raid content to hit Prime.


On week three as I plan ahead for a 120% mount, omen sight, leveling fishing and reaching level 50 I also have extra plans to take care of leading a guild with a great group of people I consider dear friends. Running a guild on a server like this, on the scale we are has been an incredible experience. We had no idea there would be so much interest but we understand that fellow players like us are in it not just for the game itself, the nostalgia or that completionist sense many gamers have when a world they have been fond of before revamps itself. It’s more than that, it’s about making different choices to see what happens, or making the same ones but even better. It’s about seeing if the things that made you stop playing or enjoying aspects of a game have changed or will be changed. It’s also about seeing where this old world fits now among the many games we have played since. All things already mentioned considered, the response to Rift Prime continues to be incredible.

Trion Worlds made a brilliant decision with Rift Prime but on another note - some might find this ironic - I would be extremely thankful if the Rift team could take a leaf from another of its games and offer a timeline to help guilds especially prepare for each phase like ArcheAge 4.5 has.


Observing economics on Rift Prime as a guild who have prioritized guild quests for guild perks, along with rally banners to every zone event, guild runs and community events. We are trying not to get overly anxious as we prepare for raids, but we’re failing - or at least I am.

Pouring over the finer details of crafting materials, their availability in the world and gearing paths for all classes. I can confidently say it is daunting with so little information regarding how Trion Worlds expects individuals and guilds to meet all content in a timely (until further notice) one year, fashion.

Before I worry too much I need to get 50 first and I look forward to sharing that with you next time, hoping we will also have news of a big green hungry dragon! Today is also the day our daily login rewards reach the 21 day mark and those who have logged in daily get a mount of different sorts. I haven’t been this excited for a mount in Rift in forever and this excitement right now is the reason Trion Worlds need to come at us fast with all the content and cosmetic things!


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