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PvPers Rejoice – We have Mordhau

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Unhappy with anything you are playing lately, want to bash some armored heads in? I cannot recommend Mordhau enough to fans of PvP in any MMO ever. Okay, that sounds extreme but it is true. There is a reason that this game has taken off quickly and became a huge hit as it continues to build on its hardcore fanbase. Let’s go through a few things about the game to explain why it is so much fun.

64 player battles

Mordhau’s main fun comes in the form of 32-a-side battles which range over a series of maps. In the first few hours, you will likely die. However, building up your own warrior is part of the fun. You can use one of the standard template builds, but the more fighting I did, the more I saw players using their own custom characters in battles. This is a part of many online games which people have forgotten, the ability to build the look of you character the way you want. Games like Fortnite, while amazing, rely too much on skins and do not give players enough freedom.

The battles are fast and furious. You do suffer from people bailing on the server in the face of an imminent loss. However, you are rewarded well for each fight win or lose with gold. The gold is used to spec out your kit and upgrade your armor or emblems. There is no in game store so spending real money on things is out the door, for now. You have to earn everything you wear.

Horde Mode

Not up for dying a lot, that is okay we get it. Practice your skills in Horde mode which is fun and a great way to get better. The fighting mechanics are extremely detailed in Mordhau so practice really does help a lot. Horde mode gives you the chance to stare down multiple opponents and work on skills to boost your sword fighting skills.

There has been a back and forth debate that shorter weapons are much harder to use in a world of halberds and great words. This mode lets you experiment with ideas and formats to try out as you build your character. Perks are a good thing to try and set up as well. They will give you the boosts needed to enter into Frontline (64-player mode).

Battle Royale

This is a play area I tend to avoid. While battle royale modes have become the norm in online gaming, Mordhau is a slaughter fest to start, surviving these battles will be very hard on the learning curve. Not really our cup of tea, but fun nonetheless. Archers likely do the best in this format, but you would have to switch to weapons fast as players close in.

Overall, Mordhau really has succeeded where a game like For Honor failed. It quickly captured a hardcore PC audience which now drive the game. Once the team has proven itself and fixed all the bugs they will likely head over to console play and that is when the flood of people will find this true gem. I know it sounds very hyped up, but Mordhau reminds me of the days is Dark Age of Camelot or World of Warcraft when you would spend hours just fighting it out. If you have not tried it yet, Mordhau is frustrating fun at first, but eventually becomes the slugfest you miss in games.


Garrett Fuller

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