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PvP Season Ends, Brawler's Guild Changes & Hearthstone Cards

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This week we look at a few new Hearthstone rewards, check out evidence alluding to what new game we might see in the Blizzard launcher and find out what’s in store at the end of Brawlers Guild season one.

PvP Season 15 Ends Soon

PvP season 15 is coming to an end in a few weeks which may coincide with the pre-expansion patch. Usually when Blizzard posts about PvP seasons concluding it’s about two weeks prior which puts us at October 14, exactly one month before Warlords launches, as a potential end date.

When the season ends, all Conquest points will be converted to Honor points but any Honor earned that exceeds the cap of 4,000 will be converted to in-game currency - for every point over the 4,000 cap you’ll earn 35 silver. Additionally, any season 15 gear that has a rating requirement on it will no longer be available to purchase so if there are any that you want, act fast! About two weeks after the season ends all mounts and titles will be awarded to those who are eligible.

For all the end of season details, visit the official post here.

Hearthstone Season 7

The Hearthstone October ranked play card back has been revealed and this may be my favorite reward yet.

As always, this card back can be earned by reaching rank 20 or above by the end of the season in ranked play mode.The previous seasons reward, the pirate themed card back, has been awarded and features some nice subtle animation just like the rest.

If you’re attending this years BlizzCon either in person or by way of the Virtual Ticket, Hearthstone players will receive an exclusive new card back in their digital goody bag. Here it is:

Warcraft 3 Returns?

A while ago Blizzard hinted that they were exploring ways of bringing back some of their classic titles so that people could play them on modern hardware. As a long time fan of Blizzard this really got me excited as I would love to return to their earlier games and dip my toes into some wonderful nostalgia. This would also be a great opportunity for younger players to explore for the first time Blizzards library of games. Several months ago I was having a conversation with a friend about how crazy it is that the Warcraft franchise will be 20 years old this November. In fact November marks two Warcraft anniversaries as it will also be World of Warcraft's 10th. During this conversation I made a connection between the franchise anniversary and Blizzards hints about re-releasing older games: What better time than now to re-release the Warcraft RTS’s? The timing would also fall into the same month as this years Blizzcon - nearly a perfect storm for some Warcraft related announcement.

Well, a couple of days ago the folks over at MMO-Champion stumbled upon some art assets within a recent update to the Battle.net launcher that may give hope to my prediction materializing in some form. Specifically, background art and icons for Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne were found that are similar to what is currently shown for other games available in the launcher. These assets make it seem that there’s a pretty good chance we’ll soon see Warcraft 3 playable through the launcher and the big question is what enhancements, if any, might we see? Could this be a full fledged HD remake like the gaming industry has been seeing for several years now or simply the original game with under the hood adjustments? Perhaps there could even be new content being added such as new missions, multiplayer maps or even new art assets.

Brawlers Guild Season 1 Ending

Season one of the Brawlers guild will be coming to end when Patch 6.0.2 goes live so if you need to enter the ring for some of the achievements you better glove up! The good news is you won’t need a new invite once season two begins - once you’re in, you’re in.

Here are the changes you can expect to see when the season ends from the official blog post:

  • All Brawler’s Guild achievements earned prior to Patch 6.0.2—Season One—will become legacy achievements. New achievements for Season Two will take their place.
  • Rewards earned based on progression will remain available for purchase. The ring reward will be updated in Patch 6.0.2 so that it will have valuable stats for all specializations.
  • The next patch will introduce boss encounters that will be adjusted for level 100 members.
  • Progression has been reverted back to 8 tiers.
  • Bosses that are being removed from previous tiers will be added to the challenge card vendor and become available as you progress.
  • All tiers have had their boss line-ups remixed—for example, Bruce is now a rank 5 boss instead of rank 1.

Lot’s to discuss: What do you think about Warcraft 3 or other classic Blizzard games making a return? Would you replay any of them? And if you participate in the Brawlers Guild, what changes or additions would you like to see in season 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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