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PSST, Pirate101 has a Secret…

Kelsey Fireheart Posted:
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Pirate101 has posted a Falmea Friday post on their official message boards last Friday which was cheered by many pirates in the spiral. Why do you ask? It had cryptic messages of new things to come soon.

If you don’t know already, every Falmea Friday post is written by the producer of Pirate101 and Wizard101, Leah Ruben. On the message boards, she writes under my favorite Wizard101 Fire teacher, Falmea. So if she says something, the information is credible.

The very piratey Falmea asked, “what else did we want to see in Pirate101 besides the storyline content updates?” They hinted very heavily that they already have “REALLY COOL ideas floating around,” but it’s simply too soon to reveal. Apparently, they are hard at work in turning those ideas into reality.

I cannot help, but wonder what other things they would have come up apart from the storyline content updates. Whatever it is, it is sure a happy relief for pirates across the spiral who have been awaiting more side content to this amazing game.

By the way, if you want to read the entire post in its entirety or have any cool side content ideas for Pirate101, you can put your penny in at this post.

Other Updates In Pirate101 This Week –

On Friday, July 29th, a brand new Mountain Yeti Pet arrived in the Crown Shop this week. It’s totes adorbs. If you want to be a proud owner of this cute pet, it costs 6,500 Crowns. Imagine the hybrid possibilities from this one?

On that same day, Pirate101 celebrated Tiger Day by giving away a free Black Tiger Pet on Twitter for the first 500 people. By now, I bet that all of them have been snapped up. But this is just another reason why you really should follow their Twitter account, they do give away stuff all of the time. Just go and follow them at: https://twitter.com/Pirate101

Happy Sailing, Pirates!


Kelsey Fireheart