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Victor Barreiro Jr. Posted:
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A few weeks back I discussed my feelings about Landmark and how the impression of a slow lack of progression was a bit of a turnoff. This week, I’m happy to note more information made available on the Landmark forums that points to their general plan of action for the next few months.

You can check out the whole roadmap on the forums, but I’d like to single out my favorite bits from the information presented, noting their planned implementation date as well as what users should expect.

Quality of Gaming Life Implementations

Set for the week of October 15, we have the keybinding polish. Tis is what you expect to be standard in most online games these days: the ability to choose what button does which action. Landmark is working towards ensuring we get that capability sooner rather than later.

Set for the week of October 29 is the arrival of a notification system, meant particularly to inform players of what’s happening during combat. Good to have ahead of any combat-related updates, for sure.

In-game voice chat (Vivox VoIP) is slated for the week of November 12, and should make building grand structures with friends a more easily-coordinated effort without requiring third party programs for voice chatting.

Item comparisons will be made available on the week of November 26. This will allow you to check the stats on items in your inventory versus what you’ve got on your person.

Builder Goodies

The ability to destroy props is slated for the week of October 15, though may be pushed to the week of October 29 instead. This should allow you to finally destroy anything when you want to.

The same week will also see free storage being made available for templates accepted into Player Studio or winners of competitions.

October 29 will bring modal building tools into the game. As Smokejumper describes it on the forums, once you’re ready to use a tool, “modal interfaces are created to show you all power shortcuts, as well as allowing you to interact directly.”

Refining will come on the week of Novermber 12, and is meant to allow users to mass produce ingots, boards, and other refined materials without needing to stay in front of the crafting table. The refining capability is meant to help enable additional features for later on.

Most importantly, caves are scheduled to arrive on December 10, which should mean more interesting crafting and gathering shenanigans for many players.

A Bit of Combat

Graveyards will go live presumbaly on the week of October 29, giving you a proper place to spawn if you die.

Exceptional Items are slated for the week of November 12, with Smokejumper noting that players should get “a whole slew of new weapons, armors and accessories.”

The week of November 26 shoiuld be quite impactful as well, as the game will introduce the Slaug and Chomper world monsters into the game world. Which makes needing graveyards all the more noticeable.

Lastly, they should also be introducing ways to increase a player’s health or energy through effort by December 10. Bigger health pool? More Slaug-slaying, I suppose?

Anyway, as you can see, the next few weeks should prove to be a bit interesting. Feel free to check out the Landmark forum post at the start of the piece, and let me know if there’s anything you’re excited for with this updated roadmap. Cheers!



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