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Professing on Professions

David North Posted:
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I‘m sure most of us know what profession we are going to play, but I can’t take it anymore!  I want to know what the last profession is for Guild Wars 2!  Will my possible partner be a master of magic, or will they choose the path of weapons and physical strength?  I need to know; I may end up really liking the profession and play as one myself!  When will the last warrior of Tyria be revealed?  I have no idea, but to cure the insanity of not knowing, let us discuss the topic with words, and a few sketches by yours truly.

So let’s just get the first option that is pretty obvious, the Mesmer, out of the way.  The Mesmer was a nice refreshing take on what professions could do in games.  The Mesmer focused on conquering the enemies mind, rather than their physical bodies.  This type of combat offered players a unique way of controlling the battlefield as a whole, rather than just doing damage or healing allies.  It was something you just didn’t see in other games.  With the Mesmer being a key attraction to the Guild Wars universe, it may be crazy for them to not keep this profession available for players.

Let’s move on though, the Mesmer is a hell of a profession, but it might be nice if they go with a fresh new direction.  Like the Mesmer, the profession would have to have a unique play-type.  How about a Geomancer; a type of magic user whose powers are based on controlling the environment around them?  Imagine being able to move boulders and trees to crush your enemies.   How about the ability to create walls of earth to help create a defensive line for their party? 

The Geomancer could also change forms, much like an avatar, based on where they are.  In a mountainous region, the Geomancer could cover him or herself in an armor of rock allowing them to take on the role similar to a warriors. In a forest environment, the geomancer would surround themselves in vines, allowing them to send roots into the ground to come back up and strike at their enemies, or healing allies.  I don’t know, I am just throwing a guess out there, and it might be a bad one, but it does have the ability to switch roles in the middle of battle, which is a major element in Guild Wars 2.

I sketched what a Geomancer could look like in an avatar like state. Neat, isn't it?

Let’s take a step back now and look at the image that shows the professions on the Guild Wars 2 site.  Based on the grayscale paint blobs, it has been possible to kind of guess the previous professions.  Now after looking at this last blob, I am definitely going with a magic user.  The silhouette appears to show a person wearing light armor, and I don’t see a very large sword or warhammer, so I’m guessing the lady is holding a wand or staff in front of her.  In fact, it might be a Ritualist… hear me out.

The Ritualist was a pretty nice profession to play.  It was able to support its allies, and torment enemies by summoning the spirits of the fallen.  That right there, summoning spirits, is not a basic type of magic!  It’s pretty unique so that, like the Mesmer, makes it a strong candidate for our last unrevealed profession.   And to strengthen this argument, the Norn is a race I see really liking this style of fighting, as the ability to fight alongside their ancestors in combat, would appeal to them, and may give a new purpose behind their body paintings.  Like I said though, these are just guesses.

I wouldn't mind playing as a Ritualist again.

I would like to make one more point for the magic users.  The current professions that have already been revealed are mostly fighters, with one combining fighting and magic.  A person who loves using a sword and shield has a nice selection, but what about the players who like to yield unworldly powers?  To keep the balance and to please everyone with a good variety of options, a magic based profession is going to be the way to go.

So there it is; that’s what I am guessing.  It could be a Mesmer, perhaps a Geomancer, or a Ritualist.  Hell, I may so far from actually guessing, it could be a Bubblemancer! That’s right, a person who controls bubbles!  Who knows, but since we don’t know when the last profession will be revealed, it helps to take a couple stabs at guessing to keep the anticipation at bay.  So with that, I want to hear what you all think.  Tell me what you think we will be fighting alongside, and when you think we will know.  Let’s hear it people!

Right now, the net seems to be giving its vote for the Mesmer, we will just have to see.


David North