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Prime Server Q&A Wrap Report

Kelley Kiwi Posted:
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Trion World Twitch Livestream lineup on Friday February 23rd included:

  • Chris “Archonix” Junior - Producer
  • Amanda “Amary” Fry - Producer
  • Simon “Dead Simon” Ffinch - Senior Director
  • Linda “Brasse” Carlson - Community Director

This Q & A is not in exact order to ensure readability with “Kiwi side notes” to let you know I have reworded little side conversations occurring throughout the stream keeping flow or offering hints to assist with Rift Prime decisions.

Primogenitor Pack

Being sold for just the cost of patron with scaling mount.

Items will not be available on live until transfer.

How many characters can you have on Rift Prime?

Two characters allowed to accommodate both factions and to also ensure tactical advantages for professions. Won’t be able to buy anymore at all on this server and when you transfer should this server end it will be free The only concern to be had is anyone who currently has 13 characters on your account will need to transfer or delete one to make room for it.

How will Rift Prime patch?

Uses your live install.

What is Rift Prime?

Subscription server with very limited cash shop. Starting with original server and building up to ALMOST current server. Server name will have a vote cast next week

Different Server Types?

Free For All  PvP Server mentioned where you are only safe with your guild that is a maximum of 5 people. [Kiwi side note: Trion team hinted that this will not be a part of Prime but could come “later.”]

What are the chances of this server continuing?

“Non-Zero.” Being upfront from the beginning that this server is an experiment that depends 100% on participation. There is no end date, it does not exist BUT because of population the current transfer to live servers is being offered.

If new content comes to live servers will it go to Prime?

If it’s content applicable to what is currently on prime, yes otherwise it will be available on Prime when it’s available in the timeline of Prime servers progression.

Will Live servers receive less attention?

No, both server types are being supported.

Will Live servers be decimated with players going to Prime?

Trion team confident majority who will play on Prime are not currently heavily invested in live plus those who join up for Prime can also go to live servers or vice versa.

Will Prime in-game global chat be separate from live?

Yes, global chats on Prime are Prime only.

Will Prime have seperate forums?

Yes, anyone can see it but only patrons can post.

If we bought the Original Rift pack in 2011 will we get those items?

No, they don’t exist on Prime.

Is Rift Prime on Steam?


Can you multibox on Rift Prime?

Playing multiple accounts is ok but playing any account unattended is not. Auto follow in PvP is disabled.

What are our wardrobe options on Prime?

Wardrobe UI will be available, no carry over of dyes, hairstyles (etc) from Live. Dyes are available still as they originally were. Unique dyes now available classed as “cosmetic” [Kiwi side note: Hinting at perhaps having them on the store for credits?]

Login Calendar

Will be different from Live with a spoiler that a last day of the month being a random mount box you don’t already have. Spoilers also about unreleased mounts including variants of the Raptor mount that will be exclusively released on Prime (for now.)

Will Dimension items available on minions be made available on Prime?

Yes, but how is yet to be decided. (Kiwi side note: here will be no minions on Prime)

Will Uncle Stan’s Fishing Lure be available on Prime?

Yes. [Kiwi side note: This will be a great way to get wardrobe and mounts though it may not unlock until later when higher level crafting is released.]

Will there be a name or guild name reserve?

No, it’s free-for-all.

Will Prime be supported by zone event API?


Will Ember Isle be available at launch or later?


Will Prime have the old currencies?

No, the build going forward for Prime is the live build that includes the updates for currencies. This is NOT a fresh start server hence why we called it RIFT Prime - this server is the PRIME way to play Rift...

Can you go into Planetouched Wilds?

No, you will be teleported out and even if you make it there is nothing in there.

Is Planar Attunement available at launch?

Not until level 50 but you will be gaining experience toward it the minute you start playing.

Will Defiants and Guardians be able to guild together?


What souls will Prime start with?

The 8 base souls for each class the extra two/three you will be able to buy eventually with ingame currency yet to be finalized. (Mystic Archer still being revised.)

  • Primalist will not be available on Prime
  • Warrior - Beastmaster, Champion, Paladin, Paragon, Reaver, Riftblade, Void Knight, Warlord
    • Tempest, Liberator  
  • Rogue - Assassin, Bard, Bladedancer, Marksman, Nightblade, Ranger, Riftstalker, Saboteur
    • Physician, Tactician
  • Mage - Archon, Chloromancer, Dominator, Elementalist, Necromancer, Pyromancer, Stormcaller, Warlock
    • Arbiter, Harbinger, Mystic Archer
  • Cleric - Cabalist, Druid, Inquisitor, Justicar,  Purifier, Sentinel, Shaman, Warden
    • Defiler, Oracle

Since we cannot have more than 3 professions will we have faster respawn nodes?

No, not touching respawn timers.

Will we have Dreamweaver?

It will be available with Nightmare Tide content.

Will Survivalist and Fishing be available at launch?


Will we be able to salvage items with crafting?


What are you selling on the Rift Store?

No supply crates. A couple of mounts, companion pets, wardrobe appearances. Name change scroll, Guild name change scroll, service items, dimension items.

You cannot buy artifacts on the store.

[Kiwi side note: wardrobe currently on the store is being added to the game via bosses, elites etc they will not say where these are, go find them]

Will all artifacts be in the world as zones unlock?

Unstable artifacts will arrive with Dreamweaver. Nightmare, poisonous and burning artifacts will be there straight away in Gloamwood and Stonefield be aware of debuffs from these.

Is their artifact tracking?

No, there are no patron abilities.

Is there a point to collecting artifacts with one year time limit?

Sure if you enjoy it and the rewards. Your collections transfer with you at the end.

Will Greenscale Blight be unlocked day one?


Will Rares be in straight away?


Can I buy soulwalks?

No and yes there is soul damage you have to pay gold for.

Will there be a PvP Prime Server?


Will Warfronts be available on day one?


Are you bringing back Vengeance and Valor?

No, favor items and something different at level 50 to be confirmed.

What PvP ranks will be used?

Stay tuned.

Will PvP Rifts make a return?


Will Defiants and Guardians be able to pvp together?

Mercenary system as always (Prefers faction but will fill in where needed.)

Will we see the return of original PvP quests?

PvP daily quests will not be returning for this iteration of prime [Kiwi side note: lots of hints throughout this stream of future versions of Prime.]

Will we see warriors rolling on everything?

You will not be able to roll on anything but what your class uses, you will be locked. You won’t be able to unlock looks for wardrobe, it will not count until you equip it making it soulbound. [Kiwi side note: This has been changed to accommodate future contests keeping warriors from being able to roll on everything. Also note the difference between live and prime is most items from raids/dungeons etc on Prime will be tradeable to trade, put on auction house etc.]

Will expert rifts be relevant or not?

Personal preference, also do not be attached to the progression and gear of classic Rift they may have changed.

Will there be crafting rifts?

Not on day one

Will there be raid rifts?

Not on day one

Will Shimmersand Herding the Cow event be back?


What if you are already a patron, do you pay again?

No but the Primogenitor Pack is seperate.

Is their Loyalty on Prime?


Original zone events like ROS?

Hopefully, but without all the falling through the world.

Seasonal events like Fae Yule, Summerfest etc?


Will LFG be available?


Will LFR be available?

Maybe, working on it but because of 20 man more work is needed

Will we get Chronicles on launch?

Only where it’s needed for story.

Will there planar fragments on Prime?


Will dungeons be t1 & T2 again?


Will server firsts be flashing on the screen again?

Yes. [Kiwi side note: there are 144 unique kills and 288 achievements that light up the screen.]

Lockouts Timers on Raids?

Two per week Wednesday at reset and Saturday 4am Pacific.

Is the team hoping players race progression and will there be rewards for unlocks?

There is  a concept of monthly challenges that include first to clear raids but raids are not the only focus. There will be such things like Month One: clear all tier one raids and all that do go into a prize pool etc Collect the most artifacts/Complete the most artifacts.

Can characters transfer to EU or NA at the end?


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To assist our MMORPG community and the Rift Community we will be compiling helpful articles as well as progression reports throughout. Please let us know below if you would like to know anything in particular in comments.

On top of this there is also a Rift Prime guild forming via MMORPGcom Discord. For further information head to Guild Recruitment.


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