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Potential Wizard101 Plot Points: Three Paths of Storyline

Seth Koenig Posted:
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In Wizard101, there have been several storylines presented throughout the history of the game. From Malistaire chasing to revive the love of his life to Morganthe trying to complete the Song of Creation. Adding to, we have the recent completion of Arc 3 with Old Cob and Grandmother Raven fighting and potentially altering the future of the Spiral. Finally, we can't forget the side worlds of Grizzleheim, Wintertusk, and Wysteria, each adding their unique storylines! With every passing arc, the stakes are higher, and the villains are more significant than ever. Where do we go from here? I have some ideas!

Idea 1: Where exactly is Gamma from?

First up on the list … our friendly owl friend, Gamma! Dwelling in the Headmaster's Office building, Gamma is the Headmaster's Owl! What we do know of Gamma is that he studies the Spiral far and wide, being the most knowledgeable in all things past, present, and future with the Spiral. Also, we were chosen by him to be in Ravenwood - a grand honor if you ask me. Besides those few tidbits, we don't know much about the backstory of Gamma.

As a potential side arc, we could dive into what world he came from and how he ended up as the Headmaster's Pet. He didn't waltz right into the office and become a central part of the story; there has to be some backstory, right? Even more so, he could potentially have some long lost family that we don't know about, and even an evil brother or something devious like that. The possibilities are endless since Gamma's backstory is a blank canvas; they could turn Gamma's backstory into anything!

Idea #2: The Gobblers

The second idea has some popularity to it, which is .. the gobblers! We are first introduced to this species in Colossus Boulevard, which resides in Wizard City. They have invaded the street, and we were sent by Merle to help out. While we are there, we're introduced to the Gobbler King, an important NPC to the storyline, and this theory. He mentions that Wizard City is the "New Gobblerton" and that we must defeat his two Baron's, and only then will he agree to co-exist. To conclude, he mentions that their homeland is raided with witches and that they are too afraid to go back.

Not much is mentioned of the gobbler species after this, which leaves the mind to wonder: what exactly is Gobblerton? A land filled full of witches, which sounds just right up our alley of expertise. As another side world option, the world of Gobblerton could be one filled full of witches trying to evict the gobblers from their homeworld. We are sent as per the request of the Gobbler King to stop the witches, and along the way, could make some new allies!

Idea #3: The Cabal

Throughout Arc 3, we are introduced to an underground society of the Spiral - the Cabal. The group's aim is simple: to restore the Spiral to the First World, or the giant mass before it scattered into the Spiral (think Pangea then breaking apart into the different continents). In Arc 3, as the war with Raven and Spider was raging on, the Cabal was convinced the only way to save the Spiral was to restore it to the glory of the First World.

To make things even more interesting, it is later revealed that the Cabal used to be part of the Arcanum, but conflicts between the two groups ended up with the Cabal out and on the revenge path. In Empyrea, we discover that several familiar faces are now part of the Cabal, and continue having run-ins with them throughout the entire world. We finish the world, and Arc 3, with no conclusion to the Cabal threat, and more figures than ever publicly known as Cabal.

That leads to the question … what is of the Cabal now? That is a complicated question. Over the third arc, there were a lot of plot twists with the Cabal, whether it is members being in it that we did not know of, or events of the group itself. The options are endless; maybe one of our closest allies will become one of our biggest enemies? I could see some high-stakes plot twist happening in Arc 4.

Gobblers, Owls, and Cabals, oh my! The paths for the plot are endless, and I can only imagine there are many more out there that some of you might have. Share down below some of your plot points, and maybe we can come up with some wacky ideas!


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