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Path of Exile: The Exiled Tribune - Catching Up with GGG

Suzie Ford Posted:
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It's been awhile since we last checked in on the Path of Exile team to see what they've been up to recently and we're not disappointed. Content update 3.5.0 is on its way with lots of info sure to be coming along soon. And what about those FFA boss fights? See what else is new!

3.5.0 Expansion Incoming!

That's right. If there's one thing that GGG is reliable to do, it is to keep adding content to Path of Exile. Expansions come out at a regular cadence packed with fun new adventures for players. This year is no exception! With Delve at its halfway mark, and with players still continuing their journey underground, GGG is already planning the next League, v3.5.0. The plan is to reveal more about the next expansion about three weeks ahead of launch that is already planned for the first week of December. As usual, there will be a big hoopla in early November with all the information you'll need to get started as soon as the expansion hits.

In an interesting side note, this time there will not be a "Flashback" event. Devs cite the fact that players are still having a blast in Delve and they don't want them to have to choose the event over continuing to push the boundaries of skill:

This time around we won't be running a Flashback (or similar) event for the last month of the league. Player retention during Delve has been excellent, and due to the infinite nature of the mine, we'd like players to be able to continue their progress in the existing league without having to weigh up whether or not they'd prefer to swap to an alternate event in parallel. 

The PoE site also has some interesting tidbits of information about how players are consuming Delve. This week, the team provides players with a look at the class breakdown at various levels throughout all Delve leagues. Elementalists, Juggernauts and Pathfinders seem to be popular choices across the board. Check it out here.

Who Would Win?

One of the fun thing GGG has done lately is to give players some fun videos after asking them who they think would win theoretical battles. In one, all Breach Bosses throw down with one another for final supremacy. In the second, Kitava takes on seven Rogue Exiles. Who do YOU think will win?

Craft Competition Winners

One of the coolest things that GGG has done for a long while is to give their creative community a chance to shine by showcasing their talent. The latest Craft Competition has come to an end and the winners have been revealed. A trio of winners will have the chance to design a Rogue Exile "that will be immortalized in Path of Exile". 

Winning entries included a Brutus Animatronics Clock, a handcrafted figure of Shaper, a themed book, helmet models, a mace and much more. It's amazing what the fandom can come up with!

Check out the talent here.

Microtransaction Thrills & Chills

It is the Halloween season after all! Players can find all sorts of thrills of chills in the microtransaction store...but none is as creepy as the Gothic Horror Ghost Child pet....

Streamer Interviews

A triple treat of streamer interviews is also out and about that shine the spotlight on some of the community's most popular folks:


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