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No Endgame For MMO Devs

Sanya Weathers talks about the cult of game developer celebrity, and how small of a world MMO people run in.

A Comedy MMO

It's time for a full on comedy MMO, aimed at people over the age of 12. Dana Massey explains why it would work.

F2P Spreads West

The movement is spreading to Europe and North America. Aihoshi looks at the trend in this week's edition of The Free Zone.

How To Read A Press Release

A crash course in PR-speak in this week's edition of the MMO Underbelly.

Build Better Social Bonds in MMOs

EVE grows while other games shrink. Why? It's all about social bonds.

Lessons From The Virtual Felt

Online poker and F2P MMOs. They have more in common than you'd think.

The Truth About Betas

How do devs decide who gets in? That and more secrets of Beta in this week's column.

MMO Litmus Test

More thoughts on making the MMO journey fun and a test that pins down what is wrong with the current crop.

Top 5 Exciting Things From E3

Jess was at E3 and in this week's column, he runs down the five things that got him the most excited.

Trends I'm Watching

Some trends forming in the F2P genre that Richard Aihoshi is watching.

MMO Underbelly: The E3 Edition

This week in the MMO Underbelly, Sanya takes a look at a little industry trade show called E3.

F2P and the MSOG Play Style

This week in the Free Zone, Richard Aihoshi looks at single and small group play styles in free to Play MMOs.

Content Design

Another look behind the MMO curtain. This week, Sanya shows us some quest design.

Make The Journey Fun

MMOs are all about the end-game and people forget to enjoy themselves on the way. Why is this acceptable? Dana Massey asks why not make the journey fun too?

E3, All Grown Up

This week, Jess Lebow tells some tales of E3s past, on the eve of the big event.