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Indie MMO Spotlight - Early Access, Growing Pains, and Summer Events

This week there was a lot in the Indie MMO scene, and Mitch is here to break down some of the goings on with the smaller MMOs out there.

MMO Reroll - Guild Wars 2

Mitch is back with another MMO Reroll article, this time taking Guild Wars 2 through its paces.

The Indie MMO Spotlight - Timelines, Delays And The Wagadu

Mitch is back with another Indie MMO Spotlight, this time talking The Wagadu Chronicles, Prosperous Universe, Realm of the Mad God Exalt and more.

As Final Fantasy 14 Grows, We'll All Feel Growing Pains

The FFXIV community will have to work to uphold the reputation that made one of the biggest influxes in gaming history happen.

Indie MMO Spotlight: AMAs, Rough Launches And Blockchains

In this week's Indie MMO spotlight, Mitch takes a look at Project Gorgon's town hall, Villagers & Heroes, the Tiny MORPG Book of Travels and much more.

Indie MMO Spotlight - Flight, Particle Effects And Signups Galore

Focusing on the smaller indie studios, join Mitch every Sunday as he recaps the week that was in the indie MMO genre.

I'm Really Not Getting Into Crowfall's Combat And Animations Are The Reason Why

Bradford was finally able to get some Crowfall behind him, and first impressions aren't all that rosy. While the game itself looks good with an interesting art style, the combat is feeling somewhat lacking for Bradford, and he thinks he has a good idea why.

MMOSide Chat - How Do You Measure Your Progress In An MMO?

In the vast majority of MMOs - and RPGs for that matter - level is the one constant that tells you you're getting stronger. The arbitrary number tied to the quality of gear you can wear, weapons you an weild or skills you can use is typically a catch-all for showing progress. But is that how each of us personally tracks it on our own?

MMOSide Chat - What's In A Name?

Bradford examines what's in a name in this edition of our fireside MMO chat column, MMOSide Chat.

MMO Reroll: The Private Servers

Mitch takes a different approach with this month's MMO ReRoll, looking at the private servers that allow players to experience the MMOs of yesteryear.

Arlee In Azeroth - Some Thoughts on WoW 9.1 And Burning Crusade Classic

Robin takes a look at World of Warcraft's 9.1 patch as well as Classic's Burning Crusade in this edition of Arlee in Azeroth.

All Together Now - Promoting Group In MMOs

Niklas dives into the idea of grouping and how integral it is to online world design in MMOs, looking back on the genre's history, as well as some of the games that are defining its future.

Mike's Best of E3 2021

With few exceptions, E3 2021 was a major letdown. This shouldn't really come as a surprise, what with COVID complicating development for games across the industry. It hasn't been an easy year for anyone, so I truthfully wasn't expecting much more than what we got. That said, there were still a couple of notable games for me, so let's dive in.

Opinion: Sometimes The 'Massively Multiplayer' Can Get In The Way Of The RPG

Bradford loves MMORPGs. However, there are occassions where the "massively multiplayer" can get in the way of the RPG aspects of a game, such as a recent experience in The Elder Scrolls Online.

See You In Fifteen: Realm Vs Realm Combat In Dark Age Of Camelot

Niklas is back with another Dark Age of Camelot column, this time focusing on the realm versus realm combat in the MMORPG.