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Hi folks! Welcome to this week’s FFXIV Column. I have a limited amount of space and time to go through a ton of different things this week, as this column only occurs every other week, but let’s see if I can’t make up for the last column, wherein I talked about an issue that directly impacted my ability to actually play the game and experience the game’s new content.

As most of you likely know by now, Patch 2.4 has been up for a while, and with it comes the Rogue class and Ninja job, more housing wards, a place to purchase optional items like new minions and phials of Fantasia on the Mog Station, and a slew of new items, recipes, quests, and assorted content.

Most of you are likely waiting to learn more about what comes after 2.4, so let’s do a Louisoux-ian timeskip and talk about Heavensward, the first expansion for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Below is a basic rundown of everything known, aside from the inclusion of 10 new levels – and thus new skills, recipes, and items – once Heavensward is out.

New Ways to Play

Already revealed out of the gate is the Dark Knight job, which from the descriptions is said to a greatsword-swinging tank that carries the power of Darkness.

The Dark Knight (hence the Batman clue) is also meant to not require a prerequisite class to get, so it’s possible that this might be an unlock from a questline when the game comes out. As long as it isn’t a pre-order exclusive or gated by an immeasurably long RNG-filled questchain, Yoshi-P, we’re good.

Hinted at by the Yoshi-P via a 007 T-Shirt from the James Bond franchise  is presumably some kind of gun-toting class. Speculation abounds about what the important bit happens to be that holds the key to the next job or class, but in my mental inventory, the possibilities would include a sort of Agent or Spy class, a Gunner class like in FFX-2,  or a Chemist or Engineer type.

Personal opinion: I’m really hoping for a Chemist or Engineer, but I’ll take a gun-toting class for a ride for sure. We’ll find out during the December Fan Fest, though, so please look forward to it.

Beyond the Borders and the Skies

The game will be heading to Ishgard and also beyond the clouds. The story appears to be focused on the war between Ishgard and Dravania, and potentially expands upwards into whatever lands lie up in the air.

As such, it seems my wish of the Dezul Qualan being something leading into expansion content beyond the skies was fulfilled, and along with it comes a host of fearsome foes and new features.

First off, two new beast tribes – The Vanu-Vanu and the Gnath (pictured above) – will introduce new primals. The Vanu-Vanu will summon Bismarck, which resembles a flying, reptilian unicorn without legs to me (Interpretations will vary).

Meanwhile, looking somewhat like an Insectoid ultra-Gilgamesh is the Gnath primal Ravana. Heavensward marks the first time the Ravana name will be used in Final Fantasy, so it may become a future staple for the game if received well.

Of course, you’ll need some help to get high above the clouds, and Heavensward will be introducing both single-player airships and flying mounts as part of its expansion proceedings.

There are also plans to incorporate a free company crafting system to allow players to eventually build items as a team, like a free company airship. 

Final Thoughts

Normally, I’d have a ton more things to say, like how I might be cautiously excited or thinking that I can’t wait for more revelations as time goes by. Those still technically apply, but more than anything else, I’m just happy Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a fun themepark MMORPG  worth coming back to again and again for a ton of new experiences.

I may likely never complete content as quickly as the best teams out there, but I’m certainly enjoying the story and the twists and turns of the game’s development as well. To that end, let’s end with the teaser trailer for Heavensward.



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