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On Two Different Kinds of Content Grind

Victor Barreiro Jr. Posted:
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Warframe’s content grinds

Warframe has some of the same content grinds, but the nature of the game changes the meaningfulness of the grinds themselves.

For one thing, there is no tangential content grind: Everything you do ties in to you becoming stronger for specific playstyles.

The main draw for Warframe players at the start (and up till now) was the acquisition of power.. Players would run the same missions over and over to earn the blueprints to make new warframes and weapons, and then they could level those up to acquire higher mastery ranks to acquire and earn new warframes and weapons. It was a cycle of reward for effort with a lot of luck chucked in for good measure.

While the grind is, indeed, long and grindy (or sometimes even time-locked), the game provided bursts of fun because nearly every mission had an associated payout of rewards that was sure to allow for better progression towards improving mastery rank.

Because all weapons and warframes leveled up contribute to an overall mastery rank, there is actually no content that doesn’t feel like an afterthought or a secondary pursuit to take a break from the grind – the grind was the base fun of killing enemies indiscriminately and choosing when to challenge yourself against stronger foes with friends or by your lonesome.

One other thing: story content is mostly comprised of a single story quest for each major update, which would either open up a new warframe for building or give more backstory into the world as the developers make it.  This may slowly grow into a worthwhile pursuit, with a story worth getting increased Mastery Ranks for.

Obvious problems to focusing on grind

The fun grind for FFXIV is completely different from the fun grind in Warframe. Fun may be subjective, but the general idea tends to be this: If you play FFXIV for the story, then you play Warframe for the power fantasy of space ninja hijinks.

In my case, everything in FFXIV that doesn’t directly relate to expanding the world story or getting me a home on my server feels like a grind that doesn’t have meaning, unless you want a cool-looking set of armor. On Warframe’s side, the burnout comes from losing the sense of reward after going through the same location 40 times while looking for a single blueprint to build a warframe.

Obviously, I don’t advocate focusing on grind, but there’s a part of me that can’t help but want to do manageable content for a decent sort of reward, whether it’s running through FFXIV’s or Warframe’s story, or the joy of seeing my Eorzean Dragoon or Frost Warframe take to the battlefield in grand butt-kicking regalia.

In the meantime, I’ll have fun with what game catches my fancy, as should you. Despite the discussion of what is commonly seen as a negative aspect of games, I do enjoy FFXIV and Warframe immesnsely, and would gladly welcome anyone who wanted to try both out.

Just remember to stretch every hour so you neck doesn’t die on you while playing. Cheers.


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