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Ogres, Dwarves and an Impending Update

Victor Barreiro Jr. Posted:
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Everquest Next’s Workshop show had a fun program earlier this week as they introduced Ogres to everyone, then promptly pitted them against the dwarves for a battle on the development table to become the focus of the next Workshop.

Meanwhile, Landmark Live will be switching focus every other week to coincide with a change in update schedules, leading to a focus on community one week with update details or more technical happenings occurring every other week moving forward.

The Tall and Short of It

First off, the most recent Workshop column delved into ogres and dwarves, with the giantlike ogres getting a somewhat Egyptian sort of vibe with their base architectural designs.

Ogre buildings appear to be massive on the outside, with multple tall floors on the inside, and it also seems like their buildings would be better suited to stone than wood.

More importantly, looking at the base character designs, it seems as if the ogres get imposing figures that look like more detailed versions of World of Warcraft’s orcs, which is actually kind of cool-looking.

They’re a perfect contrast to the short, stocky dwarves, who’ve managed to lose out against the Kerrans and Dark Elves already.

My pick is likely going to be for ogres this time just for aesthetics alone, though it seems many are in agreement with me as ogres lead dwarves 56% to 44% on the forums! Sorry, Dwarves!

Landmark Updates

According to the latest Landmark Live video, the following are expected to come in as part of the next game update for Landmark.

First off, multi-threaded rendering is coming, along with SLI (scalable link interface) support. Second, users should be able to get an improved level of detail (LOD) when viewing things from a distance.

Next, the folks at Landmark are also looking into reevaluating the control scheme, with a regard for making building easier, with more details set to be introduced on the Thursday Workshop Show.

Lastly, waypoints are making their way into the game, which should make travel a bit less daunting for everyone involved.

That said, this is all we have for this week! To end, I leave you with the awesome image above of an in-development Sydney Opera House in Landmark. Awesomesauce!



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