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Offense vs Defense vs Tricks

Tim Eisen Posted:
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There I was, sail at half-mast sipping on a bottle of “meditation” as I casually drifted through the CUniverse wondering if this column would ever find its soul. Just when I was about to take a dive into the dark waters of infinity (sleep) I was awakened by a succulent smell on a gentle breeze that was this juicy tidbit from CSE Ben in the latest Camelot Unchained newsletter.

In the Community Question section HelsEch asked (paraphrasing) how the Tuatha De’ Danann were expected to fare well in a siege when their entire realm’s combat was based on a skirmish fighting style. I pulled up my sails! I never thought about how the TDD combat style would or wouldn’t translate to a scenario like sitting in a keep! Historically peoples that weren’t good at siege or occupation got rolled when they were forced into them. The TDD sound like great guerilla fighters but in the castles and keeps portion of the game that might not work very well! It might be a valid trade off if a lot of the game was based on fighting in the wilds, but looking at what CSE is doing with C.U.B.E. I have a feeling the majority of the end game will revolve around capturing castles, keeps and even continents.

Ben answered HelsEch “Because the Arthurians are good at defense, they will be a little tougher in sieges than the other Realms. The TDD on the other hand, are kind of good at tricks, and the Vikings have the brute force advantage, so it’s not as simple as Arthurian’s defense is OP! The way that they will want to approach a siege is not the same way that the Arthurians will want to approach a siege. It’s not that you are overall worse in that situation, but they will have to go about it differently.”

I LOVE how the philosophy of each realm carries through all aspects of that realm including the aesthetics, craft and combat, that said, this scares the besieges out of me! The best defense vs the best offense vs…tricks? Hurm, something doesn’t quite add up in that equation. What are these tricks you speak of?

Ben went on to say “Their siege engines and things will be different. The abilities that their classes have, their mobility, as far as being able to get into the castle, may be a bit easier without having destroyed most of it, things like that. So they will have a mix of things that they can do so they can deal with that situation, in the same way that Arthurians sieging a Tuatha structure will have things they can do in a similar way. The way that those battles happen and those situations happen will hopefully be relatively equal in terms of who can win it. Because siege battles, in the same way as open field battles, should be something that all the Realms can reasonably participate in and be successful at, there will be differences in their methodology and their execution and their general abilities that they go about using in order to accomplish that.”

That makes sense but I’m not sure it gave me a clear path to exactly how skirmish and tricks translate to castle siege compared to a great offense and great defense. If “tricks” means magic then, as even Superman will tell you, we have the greatest equalizer of them all! Might that be how TDD turn those tricks into successful tactics?

Talk about things I’m glad I don’t have to try balancing! I’d just give them overpowered fire abilities and Dragons with lightsaber wings. If they couldn’t capture, well, they would at least be able to extinguish the castles with fire! That even makes sense from a dirty hippie (aka TDD) point of view doesn’t it? Maybe I COULD fix these things? (Pictures a game where every character looks like a masked pro wrestler riding a dragon with lightsaber wings that one shots entire castles.) Nope, no I shouldn’t, but maybe you should so I’ll ask you, my loyal readers, all 3 of you (counting my editor as one), how could the TDD “skirmish” fighting style translate to castle taking and retaining? Let me know in the comments below.

“You aren’t even going to mention the Beta delay! You’re on the payroll, I knew it, shill!”

Sigh, I thought my QnA (shameless plug) covered that but here goes, the realization that nothing anyone says can change anything is as uncomfortable as it is humbling for those of us that hail from the megaphone that is the internet. CSE is in crunch mode. CSE fan is still spinning away in a never ending duel with the heat coming off the PC’s and the developer’s keys are still crunching. It is, what it is and right now it’s a delay that has no easy solution beyond the least exciting and most uncomfortable for fans like me, time. We have to do the thing that MMOers hate more than a loading screen, we have to accept reality (also another weak point of mine) and wait. I suppose I could take this time to get reacquainted with the glowing yellow sphere that comes around more often this time of year-compelling me to bask in its creationistic glory…no, the ones in games look almost as nice and they don’t even kill you like our twisted creator does. Let’s face it, our sun is kind of a troll.

“Here’s life, I gave it to you…and I’m going to take it back if you sit in my rays too long! Oh, and in the end I’m burning out anyway so you have a finite amount of time to stop fighting over sand and superstition and get off this tiny blue spec before I black hole you in the face.” See, total troll, an especially nasty one at that! No wonder our kind (MMORPGers) spend so much time in deep dark basements avoiding it.


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